Scope and prioritisation of More information. Innovation will be a crucial tool in ensuring we can deliver the required investments efficiently. In addition, over gas transmission staff are expected to leave or retire between now and To replace these people and further grow our workforce, we anticipate that we will recruit and train almost new employees by the end of the RIIO-T1 period. Further justifying our finance proposals by: National Grid Share Price.

Upgrading our critical IT systems Our complex networks rely heavily on a small number of critical IT systems which help us to operate and manage them 24 hours a day, days a year. Participation in this initiative allows us to share and gain knowledge across Transmission System Operators, identifying and learning from best practices. This is a result of increasing worldwide competition for these resources. Business case developing the business case Part B2: New factors emerge from time to time and National Grid cannot assess the potential impact of any such factor on its activities or the extent to which any factor, or combination of factors, may cause results to differ materially from those contained in any forward-looking statement. We are currently incentivised to focus on the lowest cost choice from a capex and opex perspective. We have welcomed the open and transparent way in which the business plans have been developed EdF, November consultation response?

We are currently incentivised to focus on the lowest cost choice from a capex and opex perspective.

national grid gas riio business plan

On the other hand our analysis in relation to providing extra capacity on the network requires specialist knowledge and expertise which we possess in house and would require significant preparation before work could be transferred externally. Start display at page:. Our security strategy allows for effective and appropriate security measures to be employed to safeguard our assets and provides for the enhanced protection necessary to ensure the continued safe operation of our IT systems.

He has worked in both the UK and Australia on economic regulation in a range of sectors, as well as specialising in energy policy. Thank you for the safest gas networks in the world. Scope and prioritisation of.


national grid gas riio business plan

Risks and uncertainties Our risk management approach We have a well-established risk management methodology which we use throughout the business to allow us to identify and manage the principal risks that.

Securing planning permission for our major infrastructure projects The Planning Act requires us to do more work earlier in the planning process including more engineering design and wider consultation before planning permission can be sought. We will continue to mitigate risks and strive to eradicate injuries. Energy derived from More information.

The System Operator also facilitates a number of activities including maintenance and construction activities, the release of incremental capacity and market facilitation through publication of timely and accurate data. There have More information. CIPS takes the view that the outsourcing of services to specialist providers can often lead to better quality of services and increased value for money.

Infrastructure investment questions for national governments. Introduction to the Wind Energy Roadmap to 25 The development of renewable energy, including both offshore and onshore wind, is central to our energy policy. If you cannot make the webinar a replay facility will be available shortly after the webinar has finished by following the link above or alternatively at www. Shafiq is a senior consultant at CEPA.

National Grid Gas Riio Business Plan

We represent over grie members comprising generators More information. Many of our stakeholders consider connections as a key priority for National Grid. Below are our responses to the questions included in Appendix 4 of the consultation document. Our network consists of a large number of secondary assets such as valves and pressure regulators which support the operation of primary assets such as pipelines as defined by rioi asset health and criticality indices Network Output Measures NOMs agreed with Ofgem.

Other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those described in this announcement include fluctuations in exchange rates, interest rates and commodity price indices; restrictions in National Grid’s borrowing and debt arrangements, funding costs and access to financing; National Grid’s status as a holding company with no revenue generating operations of its own; inflation; seasonal fluctuations; the funding requirements of its pension schemes and other post-retirement benefit schemes; the loss of key personnel or the ability to attract, train or retain qualified personnel and any disputes arising with its employees or the breach of laws or regulations by its ;lan accounting standards, rules and interpretations, including changes of grrid and accounting standards and other factors that may affect National Grid’s effective rate grod tax; and incorrect or unforeseen assumptions or conclusions relating to business development activity.


A large untapped resource: Safety Safety is at the core of our business and is a top priority for us. We represent over 80 members comprising generators.

National Grid Gas Transmission s RIIO-T1 business plan overview

Our plan considers the needs of investors as we must ensure we can attract adequate capital to finance our growing business and deliver our agreed outputs. Her expertise is in strategy development and review plsn well as evaluations of global health partnerships and their programmes. Future Trading Arrangements 3 rd Forum.

national grid gas riio business plan

NOMs allow us to forecast the future network risk based on what we know about how assets degrade over time. To help meet our customers requirements, we are working with them to develop an improved process. This seeks to define Contracts for Difference CfDs and their relevance to energy related development in Copeland. Words such as ‘anticipates’, ‘expects’, ‘should’, ‘intends’, ‘plans’, ‘believes’, ‘outlook’, ‘seeks’, ‘estimates’, ‘targets’, ‘may’, ‘will’, ‘continue’, ‘project’ and similar expressions, as well as statements in the future tense, identify forward-looking statements.

Initial views on the regulatory framework for Network Rail s system operator function PR18 working paper Working paper 3: Norwegian position on the proposed EU framework for climate and energy policies towards The EU plays an important role as a global leader in climate policy and has a fundamental interest in strengthening.

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