It was a difficult subject giving the nature of the social taboo involved in rag picking activities and its relation to urban space for habitation purposes. Lahore Campus Rawalpindi Campus. He urged all HoDs to kindly follow the format of the competition and nominate maximum 5 students from their schools to take part in the competition. These universities are recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. This was a challenging experience and was a first step towards developing eventual master trainers in the future. NCA residential campus [Thesis] 1

Maximum two entries were requested from each school and in return they received 18entries from 12schools. Amjad Painters of Pakistan Islamabad: The Mehdi Ali Mirza Award is named after a person who laid down the foundation of professional architectural practice in a newly emerged country which had less physical and institutional infrastructure. Civil Society in Kenya and South Africa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jan 12, Citation for winning entries was read out by Ar.

He urged the Chapter to continue venturing new avenues of professional commitments and raise the standard of profession and professionals in rawalpondi society. ArshadFaruqui then requested the Honorary Secretary to present a summary of all points as shared by all heads of schools so as to pick a focused agenda for next meeting.

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Arwalpindi, he used to write poems encompassing various topics including the prevailing social unjust in the society. Citation for winning entries was read out by Ar. John Lockwood Kipling becoming the school’s first principal, who was also appointed the first curator of the Lahore Museumwhich opened the same year in an adjacent building. AlyNaqvi as a self-financed participant Ar.


Mar 25, Posted at Describing the vision of Kausar sahib for architectural education in the society, Dr. This year 19 nominations were received from 18 accredited schools within Pakistan as follows: Mansoor also addressed the gathering on the occasion. Taking advantage of Prof. During tea-break, the summary was prepared and presented to the house who agreed on following points to be elaborated in detail in upcoming meetings: Following are the distinct points of his thesis project as declared by the jury: The George Washington University U.

They are also human being just like us,They offer prayers,give charity,love to help the poor and specially they are human beings.

nca rawalpindi thesis 2015

Sex worker are all the globe but they treat differently in different area of globe. Khadija Jamal was invited to announce the winning entry and read citation as concluded by the Jury.

He happily shared that entries and presentations made from Pakistan were outstanding as those were well prepared and well presented.

nca rawalpindi thesis 2015

NunoSoares in Honk Kong and requested him to design a training workshop to groom communication skills of young faculty members. Jahangir Khan made a significant contribution by IAP towards architectural education.

His presentation was followed up by a digital screen display of the nominations rawalpidni for this Award by the Award Convenor, Ar. The two workshops concluded with a closing and award ceremony. Ateeq was present in the panel so he offered to host it in Islamabad in January However, what seemed unintelligible from afar told the story of the evolution of objects.

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Citation thedis her thesis project was read as follows: Schools will facilitate to conduct special studio project for fourth year students in inter-school at IAP-Lahore Chapter level. The IAP Graduate Award intends to demonstrate that Graduate Studies in Architecture should be seriously taken by the students and that good architecture is a major rawa,pindi of the positive influence on the human environment, and that physical development in Pakistan need not be in disharmony with the cultural values, national identity and the natural environment of the country.


Kamiar Rokni is among many Pakistani Fashion Designers showing their collections for the spring. One of his most poignant pieces was the sculpture of a weighing scale, with one side weighed down by a Rs5 coin. Pieces such as the time lapse of an empty chair with a prayer mat draped over it were quite powerful and captured the emotion of longing in a very personal manner.


The project is handled with sensitivity through a consistent and thoughtful design process. Since there are only two Schools under Peshawar Chapter, they were supposed to join Islamabad Chapter meetings.

The presentation communicates the research work and design concepts clearly. The National College of Arts Urdu: The textile magicians He said it took six months of research to find the right materials and to create his thessis called Depiction of Metals.

Speaking on the occasion, Ar.

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