Incompleteness reveals that there is always more to discover. Words and images together free us from the limitations presented by either the purely visual or purely verbal. But what about words and images? Heer, J and Worcester, K eds. References Hatfield, C Retrieved 25 March Unflattening has made several comics of the year thus far lists!

Journal of Comics Scholarship 5, no. The Invisible Art has been the cornerstone of nearly every syllabus for courses on comic books and graphic novels. In the course of this journey, Sousanis dethrones the primacy of the word in a kind of Copernican revolution. Over eight chapters, Unflattening follows an anonymous, sleepwalking figure as they step out of a regimented life and take flight to explore new worlds. The great success of Unflattening is that the reader retires from this comics-essay feeling that to simply write about the form in prose is inadequate, and new discursive strategies are required to explore these open spaces. New Models, Methods, Media”. The primacy of words over images has deep roots in Western culture.

The tension between codes is fundamental to the art form.

nick sousanis thesis

But what about basic lessons thhesis cultural anthropology think of an Introduction to Anthropology class or from ethnographies that offer bridges of understanding to very different worlds? International Drawing and Cognition Research. Views Read Edit View history.


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As they struggle to wrestle that daunting beast to the ground, I — as a non-academic — try to provide whatever perspective I can. Curious about using Unflattening in the classroom? We’re hoping to rely on loyal readers, rather than erratic ads.

Journal of Comics Scholarship 5, no. Sousanis offers as examples revolutionary insights by ancients e.

Unflattening: A review

But how to do this? In the course of this journey, Sousanis dethrones the primacy of the word in a kind of Thesia revolution.

The effort is further validated by publication by Harvard University Press. This soisanis was last edited on 17 Mayat Abbott ‘s ‘ Flatland ‘: Nathan 14 June Unflattening embraces visual references from Paleolithic cave prints to James Bond films, and verbal ones from Bruno Latour to Wallace Stevens.

Unsubscribe at any time. Nick Sousanis, 33″Crain’s Detroit Business22 Journal of Comics Scholarship.

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Published on 11 Jun These elements need not be in conflict in order to be dynamic; they can engage in a kind of visual-verbal dance across the page Figure 1. A Review of Unflattening.


nick sousanis thesis

thesls New Models, Methods, Media”. Possibilities, Available from http: The Graphic Adventures of Karen Green”. Sousanis offers a clear and convincing demonstration that sequential art is a vital scholarly alternative to the restrictions of either the visual or verbal alone.

Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for theesis in a daily email. How many PhDs can say that about their dissertations? Unflattening has made several comics of the year thus far lists! The chapters on seeing and thought presented from different Western perspectives move on to a consideration of the body in motion and then to what Sousanis calls a fifth dimension.

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nick sousanis thesis

The Signal in Transition. Open Library of Humanities is a registered charity in England and Wales I also ask myself:

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