The ultimate goal is political rather than economic. Nike Case Study send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. It was assumed that Nike was willing to change it practices in order to prevent human rights violations. How about receiving a customized one? The first initiative was to stop the use of a toxic adhesive called toulene. The untapped markets across the globe presented several benefits.

Nike Vietnam Report, March These were basic recommendations that outlined the crucial areas that needed the most drastic improvements. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. Human rights organizations are hopeful that these issues will be on the agenda for Nike to reform shortly. Many human rights organizations, however, are not certain that Nike will ever make these changes. The public was now wary of assurances that increased international trade would produce an increase in human rights.

Case Study: The Nike Sweatshop Debate | Case Study Template

Nothing Nike ssweatshop or did could curtail the wave of criticisms. While Nike and its CEO Phil Knight ardently deny these accusations, one can only wait and see if Nike will make the additional necessary changes to grant their factory workers the rights that many feel they deserve. He said of the accord: No official would dare disagree deabte it was essential that all workers be treated with dignity and respect just as any American worker would.

Labor conditions in Chinese and Indonesian factories were questioned in some of the reports, pay scales of Asian line workers and famous athletes were compared, and Nike was even blamed for abandoning the American shoe manufacturing industry of which it was never a significant part.

Since these reports were made inNike has begun to make the necessary changes to further improve its factory conditions. Not directly participating in negotiations but affiliated with the organization are L. Eighteen and one half months later the AIP returned with a document that only a subset of the taskforce had agreed upon.


Case Study: The Nike Sweatshop Debate

As a result of newly gained freedom to organize wages began to rise. Nike niks levy a stiff monetary penalty on the contracting company whenever it violates the Code of Conduct.

Ethics presents a challenge for Nikkei as these countries have a deferent perspective on what is ethical and acceptable when It comes to working conditions, wages and labor practices. Once the media caught wind of the poor conditions, no matter how few cases there actually were as Knight claims, it spread with tremendous speed.

Nike should make it the responsibility of the general manager of the factory to run a factory that respects its workers. Before we look at the problems at the overseas sites, we must first understand why Nike moved the majority of its production so far away from its headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

The first was that people questioned whether there was sufficient independence between those monitoring the factories and the corporations themselves.

Nikkei is a successful global giant, therefore, such scrutiny has not yet been able to reach a level rueful enough to bring down the company. Human rights organizations are pressuring Nike to follow suit in other U. This assault was discredited by Nike officials.

Nike should be a good corporate citizen in Vietnam. Their desire to help is sincere and generous, and we believe that Nike should take them up on their offer. However, these changes have not come about as quickly as many would have hoped. Both are Vietnamese companies and both are producing high-quality shoes for Western shoe companies such as Reebok and Fila.


We actually considered ourselves fortunate that they would make shoes to our design. Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades!

The recommendations were directed at Caze, but was indirectly a call to all corporations all over the world to implement them to improve conditions. Some surprising legal issues presented in the case study by reporter Roberta Basin were alarming.

Even if the workers wanted to complain, they were threatened that they would be severely punished for doing so. The AIP went back to the bargaining table with the promise of producing a final agreement in six months.

How about receiving a customized one?

nike case study sweatshop debate

Many human rights organizations, however, are not certain that Nike will ever make these changes. The uplifting of impoverished people, the better values for consumers in industrialized nations, and most of all, the increased understandings between peoples of different cultures.

nike case study sweatshop debate

Ethically, multiple countries throughout the world would disagree with the conduct and practices of Nikkei, not only with the alleged child labor, but with the ccase working condition and wage Issues. There are going to be incidents. The Sweatshop Debate Case Study: When Phil Knight and the rest of the top officials at Nike were given the reports regarding the human rights and labor violations being committed in their Asian factories, it was very clear that they were going to have to take swift action to remedy the situation.

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