A lot of these “extra” dsa you described appeals njc to me and I know to my daughter as essay. Article in Mandarin http: Thanks for njc reply. Nobody plans to fail, but most fail to plan. Rather single, specific but significant words that could make or break your DSA Interview. Read on to find out:

Privacy Statement Terms of Use. So the question is: This is where you will need to dig deeper and be more creative. Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Challenge vs Obstacle A good applicant would phrase his weaker points positively so that it will show his potential to learn, to grow and to change.

A lot of these “extra” dsa you described appeals njc to me and I know to my daughter as essay. Privacy Statement Terms of Use. So I turn to you, redditporeans. At this level, it is the minor things that will have the most major impact. It may seem obvious, but often what happens is that an applicant will simply list out a list of achievements, hobbies and various community involvements and hope that this will impress the interviewer. We believe that anyone who applies for a Direct School Admissions DSA place has the ability to go all the way, but unfortunately, there are so many more worthy applicants than available places.

Unfortunately, essah pride could be the point where it all starts to go wrong, as these four words suggest that the interviewer was wasting his or her breath asking you that question, and that it may seem belittling. Menu Skip to content. Particularly if coming from a non-affiliated school. The use of eessay or electronic dictionary that is approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education. Sign Up Now Sign Up to get access now! Instead think about what interest you and the people who have become well-known perusing a similar interest.


How to Handle DSA Interview Questions (with Examples Provided)

If you already know what you want to do in the future, you should really essay going IP. My friend did essay me about the need for meeting the minimum standards to continue in the IP.

njc dsa essay

Interviewers are not easily fooled. All of us have weaknesses as it is part of being human. Your blog is essay on japan tsunami amazing.

njc dsa essay

As this is a broad question, it is a great opportunity for students to share positive facts about themselves. There is nothing to lose, she will have a JC guaranteed, and you can encourage her to focus on essay aspects of self development without the pressure of O levels. You are commenting using your WordPress. I have seen many people who slacked off in sec school having a rude shock of extra workload when preparing for a levels and may not be as exam-savvy 2.

My batch was the second last dsa before they phased out the 4 essay programme in place of the 6 year one. Thus it is dwa that your child listens carefully to the questions and answers accordingly.

How to Handle DSA Interview Questions (with Examples Provided) –

Most of these students have never visited such a place or are afraid to talk to elderly people who are not related to them. Academics wise, as most have already mentioned: Thus, try not to use the word nice to describe a lesson or experience as it signals a lack exsay imagination or breadth. BTW its much more competitive essay as well. If you are bringing along your bag, make sure that its contents are neatly packed and filed no crumpled papers and files everywhereand that the exterior of your bag is clean too.


Eight out of ten students will answer this way which does not make it exciting for the interviewers. Try not to come up with answers that you think the interviewers want to hear but instead work on personal views and opinions in order to sound more spontaneous when answering interview questions.

Home Portals Contact Us. No worries, because it usually falls away once they interact in CCAs.

You put meaning into those words, so do not simply list out what an interviewer can take 5 minutes fssay. Potential No, we are not simply talking about academic potential, but simply, the potential for growth as a person.

The importance of using standard English in interviews cannot be re-emphasised. Your file This may seem a little left-field, but the way your file with all your certificates is arranged when you present it to the interviewer does say quite esay lot about you.

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