The work will be accepted for up to three school days after the original due date, and on the fourth day the mark will be permanently entered as a zero. What did they do after? If the student fails to complete the test on the new set day, a zero will be given. Students who possess, use or are under the influence of illegal drugs on school property or at any school-related function are subject to immediate suspension. CDLI Tutoring brochure

Here are some simple guidelines which outline our dress code: Phones should be password protected. Clothing with obvious references to alcohol, sex, drugs or containing offensive printed material is not permitted. When possible, SynreVoice will also be used to notify parents when school is closing during the day due to weather. Students are expected to make brief personal calls from the no-charge student phone in the main entrance or the pay phones when classes are not in session. Complete an Integrated Program of Studies.

Every effort will be made to have school closure announcements posted to Status Central by 6: Other programs offered through universities homework than Memorial University are also acceptable if prior approval is given by teacher certification.

St. Kevin’s High School

It is imperative that students remove the lock combination sticker from the back of their lock and that they do not allow anyone to see their combination. Teachers will determine how the storage slots are assigned.

nlesd homework policy

Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle on school property will usually be reported to the police and may result nlrsd loss of parking privileges. It is our pleasure to provide reference letters for students who have attended regularly, cooperated respectfully and committed to their studies.


While under suspension a student may not attend class, visit the school ppolicy or other school functions, nor participate in extra curricular activities. Lockers Every student will be assigned a locker in September. Disruptive or violent behaviour will not be tolerated.

Himework is a program that you structure for your own professional needs or interests. It is unlikely that students will be permitted to attend other school events that year. Student Conduct and Behaviour Policy Students will: We ask for and expect student cooperation. All internal areas of the building are supervised throughout during the school day and the bus boarding areas are supervised as students exit at 2: Furthermore, we are a senior high school and have representatives from business, post-secondary institutions, and government as frequent visitors to the school.

The assessment can be an alternate version of the original or a different type of assessment, as determined by the teacher.

The phone in the lobby will only be available before school, lunchtime and after homewrok. All students are reminded of the importance of bus safety.

Policies and Procedures

June Exam Schedule Web. There is one-way traffic on the front lot. It is imperative for us to be conscious of projecting a good image to the community and for students to learn how to nlfsd appropriately.

This helps ensure the safety of our students and staff. Take many opportunities to educate students around our expectations which are clearly outlined in our PBS Matrix of Student Expectations.


Nlesd homework policy

It consists of 15 additional undergraduate credits and 12 graduate credits. Teacher supervision in the building homewwork at 7: Students should make every attempt to not access lockers between morning classes as the halls are much too crowded so only go to lockers before morning sessions, at recess time, lunch time sessions and after school. What were Canada’s contributions to the war during Nlesd 1 and 2?

Illegal Drugs or Substances.

nlesd homework policy

What was it, Why was polich built, How did the Germans overcome this obstacle? Students are to ensure their eating area is left tidy before they leave.

nlesd homework policy

Canadian troops were nlesdd to reinforce British troops in Hong Kong and began fighting the Japanese alongside British troop in Hong Kong. Bus Conduct All students are reminded of the importance of bus safety.

Dress Code School is a formal learning environment. Poliy who engage in destruction of bus property, smoking, disruptive behaviour, or in any way endanger the safety of passengers or who are disrespectful of the bus driver, will be denied school bus transportation.

The mid-morning decision to open or remain closed for the day will be made at approximately If there is a delayed opening cafeteria service will not be available that day.

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