Management of medical emergencies in dental chair. Traumatic injuries and management — Endodontic treatment for young permanent teeth. A2 english language coursework media text gender issues phd dissertation columbia university short essay on jawaharlal nehru in english pdf up essay. Performing behavioral rating and I. Applied anatomy, Physiology general and oral , Cell biology, General histology, Biochemistry, General pathology, General and systemic Microbiology, Virology, Mycology, Basic immunology, Oral biology oral and dental histology , Biostatistics and Research methodology. Nervous system – Physiology of nerve conduction, pain pathway, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, hypothalamus and mechanism of controlling body temperature 2.

Journal of Dental Education Every department should have a committee to review such situations. Biostatistics – Computers — Basic operative skills in analysis of data and knowledge of multimedia. Australian Dental Journal 5. It is also desirable to have certain integrated lectures by multi disciplinary teams on selected topics. The trainee should make presentations from the allotted journals of selected topics. Tongue in health and disease.


Professional honesty and integrity are to be fostered. Viva-Voce for MDS degree candidates shall carry marks.

Structure of nerve, neuron and properties of nerve fibers. Others – Sex linked agammaglobulinemia – AIDS – Management of immune deficiency patients requiring surgical procedures – De George Syndrome – Ghons complex, post primary pulmonary tuberculosis – pathology and pathogenesis 8.



Minor Oral surgical Exercises: All examiners will conduct viva-voce conjointly on candidate’s comprehension, analytical approach, expression, interpretation of data and communication skills. Indirect tooth colored restorations — ceramic, inlays and onlays, veneers, crowns, recent advances in fabrication and materials. Splint for Bruxism nturhs. Salivary glands — structure, function, clinical considerations.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

This should be assessed using a check list see Model checklist 4, Section IV. Radiation Physics – Nature of radiation, composition of matter.

ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Teaching Skills Guiselines the trainees shall be encouraged to take part in undergraduate teaching programmes either in the form of lectures or group discussions. The emphasis should be made on detailed aspects including fundamentals of different specialties of dental subjects taught and common problems of health and disease including greater details and areas of specification. Competence in the evaluation of management of patients for Anaesthesia.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Due entry of the books or instruments to be there in the register countersigned by the staff in-charge. Theories of growth and recent advances, factors affecting physical growth.

Differential diagnosis of mixed radiolucent and radiopaque lesions of the jaws. Autocoids and Related Drugs – Histamine and antihistaminics.


Ntruhs pg dissertation guidelines

Contrast radiography guidelinea salivary gland,TMJ and other radiolucent pathologies. Distribution of topics for each paper will be follows: Internal assessment should be based on the evaluation of the log book.

Journal of American College of Dentists Dento-facial orthopedic appliances like head gears, rapid maxillary expansion niti expander etc.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2014

Fixed appliance typhodont exercises. Pg dissertation guidelines ntruhs. Frankel-FR 2 appliance Weekly seminars, journal and case discussions will be conducted in the department on rotation basis for the PG students. Lasers tyesis Conservative Dentistry. Dentistry for the Child Adolescent: Basic principles of Mechanotherapy Includes Removable appliances and fixed appliances – Design Construction Fabrication Management Review of current literature on treatment methods and results viii.

Self assessment picture tests in Pediatric dentistry – Linda Management of special children. Internal assessment or Term paper Second Year: Applied Thesia Sciences I. Faulty radiographs and concept of ideal radiograph.

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