List of virus, pathogenesis and mode of infection, list of diagnostic tests, and their interpretations, methods of prevention and control. Develop the ability to communicate with professional colleagues, in Orthodontics or other specialities through various media like correspondence, Internet, e-video, conference, etc. Periodontal Ligament – Berkovitz 5. Theory written Examination Theory examination for MDS courses shall consist of four question papers, each of three hours duration. Attitude The positive mental attitude and the persistence of continued learning need to be inculcated.

Cross infection, infection control, infection control procedure, sterilization and disinfection. Dento-facial orthopedic appliances like head gears, rapid maxillary expansion niti expander etc. Zn P04 2, zinc silicophosphate, Zinc polycarboxylate, resin cements and glass lonomer cements. Oral Implantology-Ashish Kakar Stomach, gastric juice, mechanism and regulation of gastric secretion. Knowledge cognitive domain 2.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Oral Medicine, Therapeutics and Laboratory Investigations. Applied Basic Sciences I. Grading and staging of cancer. G The petitioners further state that there are no specific guidelines and. Guidelines for prescribing dental radiographs. Preparation of surgical splints, and splints for TMJ problems.

Dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Methods of tissue preparation for ground sections, decalcified sections. Conscious Sedation and Analgesia — Watson The qualification and teaching experience for appointment of an examiner shall be as per the university rules. Describe etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of common periodontal diseases with emphasis on Indian population. Recent advances in restoration of endodontically treated teeth and grossly mutilated teeth.


Approval of dissertation is essential before a candidate appears for the University examination. Study of epithelium skin and oral mucous membrane connective tissue including cartilage, bone, muscle, nerves and nerve ganglion.

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General assessment of the patient including children with special emphasis on cardiovascular diseases endocrinal, metabolic respiratory, renal diseases and blood dyscrasias. New York State Dental Journal The Journals pertaining to other specialties related to pediatric dentistry should be referred and noted. Requirements, types alveoloplasty, tuberosity reduction, mylohyoid ridge reduction, genial reduction, removal of exostosis, vestibuloplasty. X-ray tube, production of X-ray, properties of X-rays, X — ray machine.


Red and white lesions of oral mucosa. Haemostasis – Role of endothelium in thrombogenesis – Arterial and venous thrombi – Disseminated Intravascular coagulation 3. Management ntruus medically compromised patients with hematologic Disease. Bacterial, Viral and Fungal. Autonomic nervous system Sympathetic and Parasympathetic. Antiseptics and disinfectants Vitamins. Poor 0 Below Average Average 1 2 Good 3 Completeness of history Whether all relevant points elicited Clarity of presentation Logical order Mentioned all positive and negative Accuracy of general physical examination Diagnosis: The dissertation shall be submitted 6 months before the MDS examination.


Problem and its management The periodontic – endodontic continuum Periodontic plastic and esthetic surgery Recent advances in surgical techniques E.

Describe various preventive periodontal measures. Structure, broad classification of viruses, pathogenesis, pathology of viral infection. Medical emergencies – Prevention and management of altered consciousness, hyper sensitivity guidelimes, chest discomfort, respiratory difficulty.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Distribution of marks at the university examination: Students should be posted to other allied relevant departments of the institution. Check list For all Ntruhd Specialities Journal reviews, seminars, clinical work in OPD, clinical case presentations teaching skills, dissertation presentation and overall assessment of the candidate has to be evaluated by the following check lists.

Differential diagnosis of mixed radiolucent and radiopaque lesions of the jaws. One dental caries index b.

ntruhs thesis guidelines 2016

Oxygen and carbon dioxide transport, regulation of respiration.

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