They also learn by working collaboratively and sharing ideas with other participants. The NxLeveL Guide To Growing Your Business can be presented in six or 10 weeks to growth-oriented startups, existing entrepreneurs or a mixture of both. Instructor overheads and training materials have been rewritten and redesigned. Understand the basics of break-even analysis. Understand business insurance, continuity planning and other risk management needs.

Explore how budgets provide performance feedback. This course targets entrepreneurs who have started or are thinking about starting an agricultural venture that is not tied to large-scale, commodity-style production. This class focuses on practical solutions to money management, as student develop a NxLeveL Action Plan thatwill guide them in transforming their companies by setting financial goals and addressing credit challenges. Understand how to describe product features and benefits. Whether participants wish to explore self-employment options, turn a hobby into a reliable income source or professionalize an existing microbusiness, NxLeveL’s practical “learn it today, use it tomorrow” approach will help them build a solid foundation for success. This 10—session course is usually delivered over 12 weeks.

Session Six Understand the busimess of having an online security plan. NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs also known as the “Existing Business Course” is a session, hour course that gives entrepreneurs the professional knowledge and management skills they need to grow an existing business. Understand how to create a simple customer profile. Identify internal and external management team members.

nxlevel business plan

Begin market research by identifying industry data and resources. Understand why, how, where and when to do market research. It will bisiness only help students to take advantage of new and emerging business opportunities, but will also make the course easier for instructors to customize for individual classes. Writing a business plan also teaches strategic thinking skills, which have important implications for virtually every aspect of our lives, including personal and family relationships, career planning, financial decisions and community involvement.


This 10—session course is usually delivered over 12 weeks. Learn how to use customer and competition profiles to calculate and analyze market potential.

NxLeveL for Business Startups

nxlveel This class explains the basic concepts of search engine optimization SEOwith a strong practical focus on competitive analysis, assessing feasibility, allocating resources and tracking results. Understand the basics product positioning.

Understand common promotional tools, and select the most effective mix for your nxlevl. Depending on the needs of your local market, this class can be presented in two- four- or eight-hour segments. Understand managerial uses of financial statements. Click here to order. Understand the basic issues involved in website design.

nxlevel business plan

In response to changing market conditions and requests from the network, this new edition deals with important topics such as social media marketing, unconventional lending sources, and new business models such as cart-based retail and pop-up retail. Click here to learn more. All chapters have a stronger focus on local resources and assistance for disadvantaged and underserved microbusiness owners. Understand ways of managing the cash flow cycle.

Session Nine Understand the importance of negotiating and contract management in the business world. Gain a deeper understanding of budgeting, ratio analysis and benchmarking.

NxLeveL for Business Startups is a session, hour course that addresses the questions every prospective business owner must answer in order to launch a successful and sustainable new venture.

NXLEVEL® – How To Write A Business Plan | St. Croix Chamber of Commerce

This supplement includes an Instructor’s Manual. Understand pricing objectives and strategies. All chapters have been rewritten, updated and edited.


Understand the traits plwn successful entrepreneurs. During this process, an entrepreneur can examine all the pros and cons of a business opportunity, analyze the consequences of different strategies and tactics, and determine the human and financial requirements for turning an inspired idea into a viable business venture. Going Green is a one-session, four-hour class designed to help entrepreneurs understand emerging green-business options and technologies.

To learn how NxLeveL can help you start or grow your business, or to find out to become a certified NxLeveL instructor, please contact us today. This class focuses on practical solutions to money management, as student develop a NxLeveL Action Plan thatwill buskness them in transforming their companies by setting financial goals and addressing credit challenges. Participants will learn to identify feasible opportunities for profitable and sustainable growth, and bring nlevel to fruition by preparing a comprehensive business plan based on proven market research, financial management and project management techniques.

NxLeveL Business Workshops for Entrepreneurs

Participants learn from certified instructors, expert guest speakers, and finance, marketing, and banking professionals. Global Changes The business plan has been completely restructured for clarity, simplicity and ease of use.

nxlevel business plan

The 15—session course presents options and strategies for achieving self-sufficiency through self-employment, with an emphasis on learning and meeting professional standards for financial management, marketing and customer service.

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