With OBUTraining team, no chance for laziness. Thinking clearly about your overall research approach 27 Part 3 — Guidance: Can you provide me with a personal or academic reference? The MCP should consist of at least three individuals plus a secretary, but may include others up to a maximum of five plus a secretary. Please liaise direct with ACCA on students accaglobal. Collecting and analysing primary data 1. If your claim received 4 weeks after the submissions deadline, the maximum extension granted would be 1 week.

However, it is helpful to establish a plan of how to proceed before you begin. The link will close at Due to the move to four ACCA examination sessions per year, we now require students to complete their papers at least 2 months prior to the submission period so that they have sufficient time to prepare their RAP submission. Example publication Submission start – 1st of Must I use these? If you have focused on topic 8, have you used a comparator for the ratios of another company or industrial averages in your work? If you make a note after each meeting, or keep a personal diary of reflections, then you will have developed some content for possible later use in your Skills and Learning Statement.

Will you structure my project submiission me? The closing date for submission is You should not expect your Mentor to give you detailed advice on the structure and content of your Research Report or to write any of your RAP for you. The PowerPoint presentation must contain no more than 20 slides 4.

If you wish to apply for an extension on the grounds of mitigating circumstances, you must do so before your 10 year eligibility period expires.

You will then need to enter your seven-digit ACCA number when prompted to do so and should then be able to proceed to pay with your card. One non-circulating, thesis copy of each dissertation is held fee the submission of the University Archives. Acceptable formats for uploading Research and Analysis Projects: This is discussed later in this Information Pack. Skip to main content. It sets out a series of important parts of the research process.


Communicate appropriately in writing and through an oral presentation.

obu thesis submission fee

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Submizsion specific research questions and report objectives which you set and propose to answer or meet. We will then email you with details of how to apply. The difference between primary and secondary data is identified below.

Obu thesis submission fee

See page 10 Why have you introduced the requirement to have passed all ACCA Knowledge and Skills Level papers at least two months prior to the start of the submission period in which the student is seeking to submit? We hope this will be reflected in your Skills and Learning Statement.

Time is money; therefore, we always keep track of deadlines. You should not expect to give the student direction on the content of the Project, relevant references or the design of the research.

Ethics Module & RAP Submission Dates Period 38, May 2019

It implies processes of measuring, appraising, estimating, and judging. You should always evaluate the appropriateness and relevance of secondary data sources. If you intend to thesls primary data from staff within your chosen organisation you must obtain permission to do this from a senior member of staff within the organisation. Please note that each mentor is limited to a maximum of 50 mentees per submission period. If students are Certified Accounting Technician CAT registered, and have passed the CAT Advanced theeis exam papers, they meet all the entry requirements for the programme; however this does not apply to the Foundations in Accountancy FIA suite of exams, where students are required to also have an appropriate English language qualification.


Moreover, it felt like my mentor transferred his level of confidence and skill to me during our three meetings. Given that some of these problems thess, how can students learn to get to grips with research and thus improve their chances of success in their RAP? If your claim received 4 weeks thezis the submissions deadline, the maximum extension granted would be 1 week.

obu thesis submission fee

If you are awarded a Fail grade on the first RAP submission you will be allowed up to two further RAP submissions, if you are within your 10 year limit. For those RAP topics like Topic 6 which might rely on primary data rather than secondary data, the questionnaire or interview design must clearly relate to one or more business models.

However, a good performance in the RAP will demonstrate to your family, friends, colleagues, tutors and employers that you are capable of undertaking good quality research. My project was monitored and reviewed effectively leading to an A grade. We will email all mentors with a mentor confirmation request asking you to certify that you were their Mentor. Once the submission period has closed it will not be possible to upload your RAP. The Academic Misconduct process is very thorough.

obu thesis submission fee

There are 2 opportunities per year to submit your work:

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