Help the rest of the family to respect the need for quiet and concentration needed for the child who has work to do. Each article has questions to be answered online plus a written assignment which is to be submitted in class. The presentation should have 9 to 10 slides. The age and wishes of the adolescent may affect parental involvement. In class we are listening to oral presentations of the original suspenseful stories which my students recently wrote.

The topics the students selected were: I will not be going along on the field trips. I am not expecting grade 7 and grade 8 students to master every thing presented there but exploring the material in the courses is most beneficial for reviewing basic concepts from lower grades, seeing and hearing interesting explanations of intermediate level material and getting a taste for what is coming up in high school math. Shows essentially no real understanding of the meaning of the data; makes no inferences and draws no useful or relevant conclusions. In the meantime, we will do some more work on Rate, Ratio and Percent instead. Then go ahead and try out the beginning lessons of one of the courses tonight and report back about it tomorrow in class. Students were strongly encouraged to ask for help during Homework Club today but may also continue to seek assistance and clarification from me at any time.

First do the grade 7 tasks for Chapters 5, 7 and 10 then do the same chapters at the grade 8 level if you are an actual grade 8 or an advanced grade 7. All poems and posters need to be turned in to me by Oct.

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January 14, – Here’s a quick summary of tasks to calendarr for Monday if not already done: Examine the data from various perspectives. Students are, of course, welcome to find their own suspenseful stories to read during silent reading time.


Grade 8 students do not need to bring any new bristol board as they will calendad using the portfolios which they created with me last school year. For those who have not yet chosen an inspiring person for a biography, here is an updated list of the names that are already spoken for:.

Please write a persuasive paragraph telling me whether you want your presentation to be done in the first third, middle third, or last third of homewori class presentations.

Also some students still have other assignments that are overdue! Also there is no requirement to wear a costume for the dance.

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I am available to help you! April 24, – Over the weekend students should finish any overdue assignments, study Math, and begin work on their new writing assignment which is a persuasive essay wherein they need to convince me of the merits of their chosen seating within the classroom for our next seating change and tell me how sitting in that spot, or with selected seatmates, will help them to have a strong finish to the academic year.

Grade 7 students are responsible for learning how to add and subtract positive and negative integers as well ocdsn use number lines, integer counters, and other methods to solve integer problems.

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January 9, – Reminder that the 5-paragraph essay about recent holiday activities is due tomorrow, January 10th. The adolescent needs to be able to benefit from the Program and wants to be able to get back into a community school. See you all tomorrow. I am planning to mark all of the summaries of “To Build a Fire” over the coming weekend homrwork improved copies will not be accepted after Friday.

March 5, – I have been asked to post the marking rubric for the Biography assignment here homewofk my website. Parents who are able to go with us, please send me a note or an email by Monday so that I will know. With respect to measures of central tendency students need to be able to understand the effect that adding or removing a calehdar has on measures of central tendency and provide a thorough explanation of why some measures are affected and others may not be affected by the action taken.


ocdsb homework calendar

Select a person whom you admire — someone that inspires you! Erskine Johnston PS W.

ocdsb homework calendar

See you on Monday. Special Notice for Grade 7 Students: Next we will be studying about measurement. Math homework duotangs for “Fractions” and “Integers” need to be completed. In class we are listening to oral presentations of the original suspenseful stories which my students recently wrote.

Please bring the form tomorrow! These students are expected to return to school with a five-paragraph essay about their experience. Students may use the style sheet I have provided below or, if they are used to using another format or have a style sheet they have used previously, use of another format is also acceptable.

Refer to the rubric shown below to see the marking scheme for this assignment. Students who ohmework not get their work to me on time will not be able to have me submit their entries for them.

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Now it is the turn of my current grade 8 students to think about applying to go. Do work from both gr. Doing nightly homework helps to prepare students for the demands of high school.

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