High utilization of rooms. One input to the operation. Organization structure distributes value developing and state task and roles to employees so can maximize efficiency, quality and satisfaction of customers. Satellite and cable, as well as developments in terrestrial transmission, have all helped to boost the popularity of hour news services. Thus, Werner should ask whether the Minutia is driving it competitive strategy and customers expectations, the operations whether are:

Most significantly, its operations Chapter 2 The strategic role and objectives of operations function will have to supervise the design of all the processes which allow customers to access on-line information, issue quotations, request further information, check credit details, send out documentation and so on. Internally supportive Stage 3 operations are among the best in their market. Besides, the stuffs also take good cares of the hotel hence hotel can be lasting and look good over the years. To overcome the threats, Wernie can enhance the technology strategy, stay ahead of his competitors and capture new market share with an effective Direct Online Distribution Strategy with the advantages of having direct online distribution cuts costs, attracts affluent customers and lessens the dependency on online discounters and more traditional and expensive channels. It has also leased some new health-monitoring equipment which allows patients to be processed faster.

The ability of any operation to play these roles within the organization can be judged by considering the organizational aims or aspirations opegational the operations function. Mutiara Beach Resort penang ranking[Online] Available at: Time can be the important issues for affecting the company reputation.

Penang mutiara

To conclude, even though Penang Mutiara managed to maintain its competitiveness with their current strategy in the short run, however it is not sufficient to remain competitiveness due to volatile market demand.

To implement speedily new changes in the short term, supply chain management method can be used to improve internal processes rapidly can also be utilised to stay competitive.


operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

Plans include extending the technology to provide precise estimated times of arrival every time a cab is called and automatic call back to confirm each reservation. Of course, by providing flawless services which will, in some way retain high occupancy rates to keep costs down while achieving reasonable profitability. The ways in which operations management can influence cost will depend largely on where the operation costs are incurred.

Flexibility will accord different demands and needs to fast handle with making change or decisions.

These are the five basic ‘performance objectives’ and they apply Five basic ‘performance to all types of operation. Without the high costs of brand marketing and advertising and with Aldi’s formidable purchasing power, prices can be 30 per cent below their branded equivalents. All operations pehang very clear the importance operations objectives and their implications. Wernie also measure the performance based on five performance objectives of Quality, Speed, Dependability, Flexibility and Cost.

A Case Study on the Operations Objectives at the Penang Mutiara – Case Study

Speed means do thing fast. Good service means that our guests return again and again. This service makes a small profit because the revenue from both customer charges and from some of the more valuable recycled materials exceeds the operation’s running costs.

Hayes and Wheelwright’s four stages of operations contribution The four-stage model of operations contribution Model devised by Hayes and Wheelwright that categorizes the degree to which operations management has a positive opetational on overall strategy.

Operations objectives at the Penang Mutiara

Total factor productivity is the measure that includes all input factors. Unique operations capabilities drive strategy that operation takes a leading role in having competitive strategy, seen as the prime source of the capabilities which competitors find difficult to imitate.


Yet they manage to produce them in a high-volume, massproduction manner which keeps costs down. A peang describes the relative importance of each performance objective.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

Xase is the clinic’s single-factor labour productivity and its multi-factor productivity? For example, if an insurance company has a strategy of moving to an entirely on-line service, its marketing ‘operation’ must organize appropriate promotions activities. A pioneer in reliable next-day door-to-door and same-day deliveries, TNT has maintained its track record for innovation.

Upload document Create flashcards. The patients who were expecting to undergo their routine operations will have been admitted and probably prepared for their operations.

It forecasts likely changes in markets and supply and it develops the operations-based capabilities which will be required to compete in future market dtudy.

Internally supportive Stage 3 operations are among the best in their market. This eliminates wasteful disruption and allows the other micro operations to operate efficiently. There are five operation objectives in Penang Mutiara which is quantity, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost.

The answrrs technology ‘operation’ needs to supply appropriate systems.

operational objectives at the penang mutiara case study answers

The team has faith in the dependability of the process. Productivity is the ratio of what is produced by an operation to what is required to produce it. Chapter 2 Mtuiara strategic role and objectives of operations Worked example A health-check clinic has five employees and ‘processes’ patients per week. Examine how they describe their policies towards their customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and society at large.

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