ATF3 protects against atherosclerosis by suppressing hydroxycholesterol-induced lipid body formation. Qi Wei is a graduate student in computer science. Yao Yao is a graduate student in computer science. Zheng will be presenting on behalf of the lab. Physical Review D Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Ada Weinstock and Karishma Rahman visit from Dr. The Biomedical Data Translator Consortium: Mechanisms of urokinase plasminogen activator uPA -mediated atherosclerosis: Nonequilibrium inflaton dynamics and reheating. I am able to serve as a thesis advisor for graduate students in: Laboratory renovations of the first floor in Dryden Hall are complete, and as a result, we now have our lab space on the third floor of Dryden Hall.

The Molecular and Cellular Biology Program has approved Stephen’s appointment to their graduate faculty. Heartfelt thanks ujc my lab members current and formermy mentors, my OSU colleagues, dossier reviewers, and my family. Transcriptional noise and cellular heterogeneity in mammalian macrophages. Interdis Sci Comp Life Sci. Benjamin Weeder joins the lab for a week MPH biostatistics internship.

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A computational systems biology approach for identifying candidate thessi for repositioning for cardiovascular disease. Congratulations and best wishes, Jun! Investigation of reagent delivery formats in a multivalent malaria sandwich immunoassay and implications for assay performance. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? By analyzing these network models, we aim to identify new disease mechanisms or therapeutic targets. Stochastic simulations of large-scale genetic regulatory networks.


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All international and English Language Institute students taking one 1 or more credit hours are required to purchase this insurance plan and the premium for coverage is added to their tuition billing. Stephen gave a seminar on systems biology in the tnesis Z, What is systems biology? There is still space available for the HC lunch on careers in consulting on Frida Ryan Tollefsen is a double major in physics and mathematics. Mudra’s research grant proposal has been funded under the URISC program one of only nine awards made, university-wide.

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Satpreet Singh has joined the lab as a summer graduate assistant. Cross-species analysis of the canine and human bladder cancer transcriptome and exome. See you in Boston!

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We use cross-species approaches, integrating canine and human datasets in the case of cancer and human and mouse datasets in the case of cardiovascular disease. Our article on deep residual networks for identifying functional noncoding variants, on which Zheng Liu is first author, has been accepted into the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing Conference.

Prasad Tadepalli as her major advisor. Conception, Culture, and Community.


Skip to main content. Bibliometric data are available at: Our collaboration’s’ article on smooth muscle foam cells is the online “Editor’s Pick” for March and it is highlighted in an editorial in the March edition of ATVB!

One-dimensional surface plasmon resonance imaging system using wavelength interrogation. Int J Theo Phys.

osu uhc thesis

The Biomedical Data Translator Consortium: Contacts United Health Care: Dependent enrollment must take place at the time of student enrollment or within 30 days of assistantship with the exception of newborn or adopted children or any Qualifying Event. Zheng Liu is a graduate student in computer science.

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Recruitment of Ly6C high monocytes and their conversion to M2 macrophages are required for regression of atherosclerosis in mice. The Beaver Genome Project is successfully crow mb-2dfunded! Enhanced sensitivity of lateral flow tests using a two-dimensional paper network format. Feedback control of stochastic noise in the yeast galactose utilization pathway.

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