Hope you get the credit for it. Thank you so much for this information. Having said that, Thesis seems to enjoy a fraction of a second advantage in loading time over Genesis. I do agree that there are many developers offering Thesis themes nowadays, so in that sense Thesis comes closer, but I prefer having the themes being officially approved and curated as happens with Genesis. It integrates seamlessly into your interface no mater what site or app you want to install it on. After following the Thesis video for a 2 column site, after 15 minutes the page was still not complete and I was all iinds of confused about Boxes, etc.

I have recently purchased Genesis for some of my own affiliate and local client sites along with Dynamik. And having access to dedicated plugins means you know they will work with your theme when you install it, so you can avoid installing 20 plugins before you find one that works correctly. Thanks for the quick reply! The Genesis learning curve is very similar to that of WordPress itself. Woo themes, theme forest make great looking themes, but efficient, not in the slightest. Because of this, I never have to worry about whether updating to the latest version will break my site — I already know everything will be fine.

What makes a poor developer though is one that ignores everything else, Ive worked with god knows how many themes, frameworks etc more so than most as my main line of work is optimizing so I get hit with pretty much everything which is why I know whats a good theme and what is not.

I appreciate the click Pageliness did get credit and hope you love Genesis for your client projects as much as I do. The only difference is that the parent Genesis is updated for you to remain compliant with WP standards, while a custom theme would need vd adjustments and updates over time.


pagelines vs thesis vs genesis

Are these packages really designed for those who like to tweek big time with html and CSS? You dismissed this ad.

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Once you know the framework, you know it. However, I have also used Thesis, and I like it, but pre 2. I’ve worked with a number of different WP Frameworks: Resources Sitemap Disclosures Egnesis Us. Kevin Trye February 27, at Headway is a better product and much better support than PageLines.

pagelines vs thesis vs genesis

They also thess some helpful, well-coded extensions that may also increase their usability for your specific project. Unique methodology for solving data structure, algorithm, system design, and behavioral questions. Hey there, thanks for the helpful article.

Best WordPress Theme Frameworks For Developing Websites

Hi, lagelines thanks for visiting! What do you think about MyThemeShop? You can announce just about anything in a newsfeed format: I want to use this for my customers also if it is useful for devs! But I have to ask, about the comment with drag and drop and being amateur, whats the difference between inserting code directly vvs a template and via the thesis drag and drop. Thanks for your input about Thesis Matthew, I can see how boxes can be useful in this way.

Hi Abbie, Genesis will only work with self-hosted WordPress — wordpress. The options you have are literally endless. We Use and Recommend: How is this different to say Headway and Thesis which have been recommended to me by a website developer friend? Genesis by itself is a pretty amazing — I am truly a fan.


Genesis can do anything. They also add a pile of unnecessary code because the framework will have a thousand features, and the client might use 10, the other bloat pagwlines adds unnecessary code to the clients site. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Genesis community or probably the second since you got the automated welcome email. Every WP site uses a theme, and Genesis is a theme.

pagelines vs thesis vs genesis

And kudos for keeping up on these comments even a year henesis publishing this post. Example, I made an auto featured image box, it can be used as many times as the user wishes which ensures images are correctly generated, correct dimensions etc.

WP the for offline consulting: PageLines PlattformPro vs. Thesis vs. Genesis

Then only interview the best. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer Nuts and Bolts Blog Our blog focuses on tutorials and tools of interest to both freelancers and website owners. Great, we take the same advantage of open source generosity with Genesis as well. What is so special about the Genesis WordPress theme? Most pre fabricated themes such as themeforest are way to heavy in terms of the load it adds to the server. I noticed what Michael saw, too!

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