How your background and degree has prepared and influenced you to become a secondary school teacher. This may be within the classroom, on the sports field, in after school clubs and generally helping to conduct the sports that they are undertaking at the school. In the psychology courses I have followed I have always had a particular interest when it was of relevance to children. In addition to this, through my own art training and life experiences, I am sensitive to the world around me and accomplished in working in a variety of medias and techniques. I would also like to teach because doing so would give me the flexibility of being able to spend time during the school holidays with my own children while they are still young. I believe I have the drive and enthusiasm as a teacher to make learning fun and to foster a discovering of self potential because of my subject knowledge, experience and wide background as well as the ability to relate to people in the 11 — 18 age group.

Careers and Employability Service Home. My various experiences have made me positive about teaching, together with my education they are adequate support for a PGCE in primary teaching. Having met them, they knew who I was and what I was trying to do, and they had more respect for me throughout the event. One student was worried that either way she was not going to be following one of the instructions. Search postgraduate courses in teaching.

This would be seen as plagiarism and would lead to rejection by the institutions you are applying to.

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Training providers will contact your second referee directly if they want a second reference. It helped to build my skills in behaviour management which helped me to control the children.

Take a look at some of our example personal statements to get an idea of how they differ. I am trusted to open and close the gym and am responsible in the work place for each person that comes in for a gym induction.

personal statement pgde

You should not use any of the following content as part of your own personal statement as you would not be reflecting your own experience and ideas. Make sure your statement answers the following questions:. What can I do with my degree? I saw students develop within the classroom as a result of my determined support and personnal good working relationships are beginning to result in higher grades.


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I feel that the study of psychology is very relevant to teaching, for example, I have learnt that information is better committed to memory particularly in young children when visual and tactile aides are used, particularly if used in novel ways. Find out how else you’ll need to prepare statfment get a teaching job.

Take your time with it, be prepared to receive constructive feedback and write a few drafts before you send it off. Keep the work experience section factual pged use the personal statement to amplify, reflect and interpret how this work experience is relevant to teaching. I was able to speak to them with firmness, but also to explain to them clearly in language they could understand.

personal statement pgde

International expertise Business services Collaborative projects Consultancy Facilities Employability points. One of your references will need to be from an employer, or someone who can comment on your work ethic and suitability for teaching.

Personal statement for PGCE secondary

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See Personal statements for postgraduate applications for more guidance. I am inspired to teach because of the freedom to be creative in the work place and the potential for spontaneity. For example if you have worked in a shop you could mention that you had to work in a busy team under pressure, pgfe tactfully with customer complaints and adapt quickly to changing situations. Prsonal a job CVs and cover letters Applying for jobs Interview tips Open days and events Applying for university Choosing a course Getting into university Student loans and finance University life Changing or leaving your course Alternatives to university Post a job.

Any other work experience you have, this could be working with children satement any age, not just teenagers. On this page What is a teaching personal statement? This drove me to study more, going on to gain a 2: It was quite demanding as Perrsonal gradually acquired the responsibility of a group of children, but I also discovered that motivation was an important factor.


Times are adhered to rigidly in order to provide routine for the pupils This did lead to a pressured working environment and provided experience of working under pressure as it was essential to provide all relevant teaching points in a small amount of time.


Now, through my placement, I pbde developed a passion for teaching and instructing which has led me to apply for this course. In working with stafement more vulnerable students such as SEN learners I saw the role played by support staff in maintaining control of the classroom, particularly with those who can be disruptive when under stimulated.

I learned staatement importance of differentiating lesson plans to educate and engage students with special pgxe and the power of strategies such as a well thought out seating plan and friendly competitiveness in learners. My love for RE and sociology developed during my A-levels after discovering an aptitude for writing, analysis and researching. I began to develop stronger skills in communication, leadership, behaviour management and knowledge of the national curriculum.

Applying for jobs Interview tips Open days and events. How to write a personal statement for teaching The personal statement allows for up to 4, characters 47 lines of text with an introduction, main body and conclusion.

By my final year I was able to take responsibility for running activities in the classroom, balancing the needs of each child and managing behaviour issues. I have tried to gain as much teaching experience as possible, beginning whilst in Y12 by attending Y9 and 10 English lessons as a classroom assistant.

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