See table 2 and 3, Appendix 1 That overall grip opinion proves that every one of that almost 50 professionals, who answered, master one cross-sticked grip and one independent. He is also active in the development of new tools eg drum and created their own mallets series. By the year both Sadlo and Zeltsman publish their own methods for Traditional Grip. In he accepted a professorship for timpani and percussion at the University of Music and Performing Arts Munich , , he was a professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg appointed. Here the changing of interval is done in a quite unique way. He is one of the world’s most important solo percussionists.

Thank you for being a friend. Concurrently to his career as a soloist, Peter Sadlo has always striven to pass on his know-how and experience to the next generation. One of the big difficulties is to play legato passages because of its firmness in gripping. The feeling is very comfortable and quite suitable for beginner studies. As known for a fact, there are almost no people playing with this technique nowadays, due to hybridization, the grip being too difficult to control in loud passages and making it stable in most musical situations. A new version of Last. Lem Leach was an alcoholic at the time Mike Mainieri – started taking lessons from him and the instruction Leach gave was not very detailed.

In addition to performing, he also deals with the possibilities to expand the sonic possibilities of the instrument, which was also the subject of his dissertation in in Musicology at the University of Bucharest.

See Appendix 2 I believe that the problems we might consider having with that grip or any other, will be fixed in the near future. As up to this date people have experimented with grips to such extend that we not only experience 4 mallet marimba pteer but 6 mallet marimba playing.


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Due to the grip being really fixed in the hand, only the wrist and the bigger muscles apply in color and volume changes. One of the aspects, that might be of a second importance in choosing a grip is the repertoire appliance.

There, he gives master classes petdr even for drums and is the founder of the concert series Haus Marteau traveling. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The interval changes in this grip could be quite problematic.

Concerning the most important aspect — the quality of sound, I came upon the conclusion that the choice of grip is not of such great importance than the actual player holding the sticks.

peter sadlo dissertation

On one hand, we have two independent grips. A year later the American marimbist Nancy Zeltsman has an article published, in which she explains how the grip works. Because of its natural comfort, the sound achieved by this grip could be extreme in volume and full in timbre. Inwhen Peter Sadlo was only 20 years old, he accepted the position of solo timpanist at the Munich Philharmonic. The Traditional Dissertatiin 12 Aug The oldest of the double-mallet grips, the traditional grip, probably came about soon after the xylophone with the modern keyboard layout instead of the older longitudinal trapezoid layout of e.

peter sadlo dissertation

Having this general technical facts concluded, now we have to compare 14 these grips in the most important aspect. Miroslav Dimov keeps the Traditional grip alive together with a charming choreographical playing style, here in a very nice interpretation of the Scarlatti sonata K As known for a fact, there are almost no people playing with this technique nowadays, due to hybridization, the grip being too difficult to control in loud passages and making it stable in most musical situations.

As mentioned before, it could be disputed that the gripping here is on one hand natural and the other quite uncomfortable.


Independent movement of mallet comes from combined pushing finger and dadlo wrist movement.

It is, though, held with the outer phalanxes of both fingers instead of the usual outer phalanx of the thumb and the middle phalanx of the index finger.

Disserhation only that grips fit to a keyboard percussion instrument, they fit to other settings such as drum setups.

Sergiu Celibidache, the charismatic conductor of the Munich Philharmonic. However the following description is based on what Mainieri wrote to me in an e-mail conversation about the grip dissergation You are commenting using your WordPress. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The purpose of this thesis is: Courtesy of IJF President.

(PDF) Marimba Grips Analysis | Georgi Tsenov –

In addition, he was active in the development of new tools eg. A special musical friendship connects him to violinist Gidon Kremer, with whom he has realized many chamber music projects.

In he was appointed professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg.

Number 4 is both a cross-grip and a parallel grip. Despite sad,o of those facts no methodical literature has been found from that time. There could also be a problem in the performance of fast alternating augmented intervals.

If documentation is weak for most grips it is most likely non-existing for the Leach grip. Variety of marimba grips techniques In this chapter we are going to look closely in detail how every each one of the 4 grips is petwr.

peter sadlo dissertation

That proves exactly that the cross-sticked techniques are better as a multi-grip.

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