There were 2 members in the interview panel — lets call them P1 and P2. I am acutally looking forward for this course. Ashok July 16, 4: Sir I think the language being different in each state makes a big difference. No Sir, I had attended the Open House and also have seniors studying in the course so I got all my doubts clarified.

In content,rigours and classroom sessions hours , same as PGP. These are now being deployed throughout the organization. I actively volunteer for and participate in various intellectually stimulating events, extracurricular activities participated as team member in corporate quizzes at IIMB, AIMA and have a flair for writing co-editor, organization wide literary-cultural magazine. Doing an MBA was always on my cards right from my Graduation days. Can you suggest me which is better: This will definitely help me

How many months of preparation would be ideal? Have 3 years exp in IT now. Each interview lasted for some mins with one taking almost 40 mins.

Arbit Scratchpad: IIMB PGSEM SOP Essays.

We do have problems because of sssay mismatch sometimes but they are of a daily nature from an execution perspective, like the week running differently in the Middle East and our consultants having to work a different week. However got chance to be part of prestigious IIMB alumni and with this comes a huge Networking chain.

pgsem essay topics

So we all settled down in a classroom to start writing out essays at 10 AM. Posted by Rishabh at If they have a request visible 3 months away, they will share the request in advance essxy follow it up to closure in a structured fashion.


If you are very serious about attempting it, please feel free to call me in my mobile during working days after 3 PM IST.

I write the exam on 13th Feb, in the very first week after returning from my marriage and Honeymoon. All the members left. After around 11 years of experience in IT essaj, last year during my preparation for my appraisal discussion with my Boss in November time frame, I decided to pursue a management program to strengthen my career.

IIM Bangalore PGSEM MBA Blog: Remembering The PGSEM Interview

Share Facebook Email LinkedIn. Whatever we learn in class can try to apply those concepts during workweek.

Even though no formal placementsPGSEM is a replica of PGP in content and learning which topisc my interest and hence capability, one would develop here is unmatchedatleast in India for working professionals and hence I am confident of making the best use of it for my future growth. It started first on my essay Topic- Indian market underserved by IT companies.

So naturally people tend to end up in groups that speak the same language. There an topica writing first followed by interview. I also told them about the strong support from my boss to purse the course.

Just passing on requests to topucs teams and then sending CVs to customers. The request may be shared in advance but the follow up might happen weeks later. Sir I think the language being different in each state makes a big difference.


Keep sharing more in the future. Oh that must be a long commute, although its closer to here. They finished the interview with asking me about a Current affair thing and my views on it Regarding Environment minister Jairam Ramesh ‘s comments on IT companies on pollution.

I was thinking abt a executive MBA too, and finding really hard time getting the notion to sit and study.

pgsem essay topics

What kind of contracts are these? Looking forward for favorable response. I am also capable of resolving tough engineering issues synthesizing ideas, analyzing a problem from various angles, applying an appropriate mix of intuitive and logical thinking, essentially by getting down to the details. So I was a little apprehensive about how I should say it went.

Most of the students in my class came through that route.

Sample without education

Probably it has essau too long for them also taking interviews, so may be it was fun time for them: My turn came at around 1. After a long wait, around 25th March to my surprise I got intimation from IIM to appear for the interview. So yes, delivery clauses.

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