Solutions to today and Monday’s book problems here. And more info at the Physics Classroom about Static Equilibrium. Tuesday – Grav Wksht , p. Wave Vocabulary and Wave Interference. Newton’s Law’s — take notes. Complete the Balancing Act Sim due Wednesday – watch this video to learn how to complete the last page of the sim if you need any help with torque resulting from forces at an angle. Here’s a video that’s a good review of Momentum note – pay attention to the Center of Mass part at the end – it’s not on this test, but IS on the AP exam.

Week of Jan 28 -. Rube Goldberg Instructions here. Same guy, but scroll down to the Supercram Videos for condensed versions. Below are some videos you can choose from in order to review the topics we’ve covered Chapters What is an Amp? Coming week after next: There is really nothing more to add to it, yet there have been twenty more posts.

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physics homework #52

This video covers the basics of drawing free-body diagrams FBDs. The two equations above have two unknowns: Review for Force Test on Thursday. Thurs – Linear Motion Wkshtp.


Thurs – Here’s a recap of what we did in class today: Need more help with Two-Body problems? Please go through the ConceptTest Force review here. Once the volume of water displaced by the steel ball surpasses the weight of the ping pong ball the balance scale will tip to the right.

chapter_27 [Physics at Portland State ]

First Prev 4 of 4 Go to page. Here’s a video ohmework was covered in class: Problem Set on Newton’s Laws for some tension problems and flat surfaces.

Wed – Read Calculate the focal distance of the objective lens necessary for each option, as well as the magnitude of the phsics angular magnification in each case. Here ‘s a pretty organized way to look at it!

Wednesday – day off. It is included in our lecture notes,but is not making sense.

Spherical and Chromatic aberration s. Calculate, approximately using refractive power approximation and precisely, what corrective lens should be placed 2 cm in front of the person’s eye to enable sharp focus at 20 cm. Here’s a video that reviews the basics of Free Body Diagrams.

Would they rather do it all phyaics arm waving? In the spirit of the previous chapter, we homewoek the negative sign when the image is inverted, but the book doesn’t do that.


Video on solving Kinetic and Static Friction problems.

physics homework #52

Total angular magnification of the microscope: By Wed, finish Oscillation Simulation. What is an Amp?

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Center of Mass and Collisions. Help on wiki codes.

Thur – Motion 2D Worksheetp. And more info at the Physics Classroom about Static Equilibrium. Watch this video homewoork see what we did in class, and the examples following it if you need more help.

Thurs – Read 6. Week of Jan 14. Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following #552 A converging lens can correct this by increasing the overall refractive power, shortening the focal length to focus on the retina.

Here’s a link to the simulation. Electricity Test Thurs April 4.

physics homework #52

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