A mass of grams is hung from the For example; The resultant R goes from the tail of the first vector to the tip of the last vector, as shown. How much force F is needed to press this mass against the spring as shown? What will be the resulting acceleration of this system? Consider a wheel, which is shaped like a ring, has a mass of 8. Answers to the opposite side: What will be the minimum speed with which the car can negotiate the curve without losing control?

What will be the frictional force acting on this crate as it slides up the incline at a constant speed? What will be the linear velocity of someone standing at the equator of the Earth, assuming that the diameter of the Earth is miles? A spring scale is attached perpendicularly to the meterstick through a hole located at the What will be the magnitude of the centripetal force necessary to keep your body moving around the center of this merry-go-round at the calculated speed? What will be the speed of this car after accelerating for a time period of 8. How long will it take for this ball to reach the highest point? A series of simple machines is set up so that the output of each machine is the input of the next machine in series.

How long will it take for this ball to reach the highest point? What will be the gravitational force acting on a 32, kg rocket ship orbiting Mars at an altitude of km? The merry-go-round takes 9. What physical quantity does the slope of this line represent?


What is the moment of inertia of a wheel shaped like a ring, which has a radius of 34 cm and a homewok of 4. You are standing a distance of Was the collision between these two masses elastic or inelastic?

physics homework #63

A vector, which is a directed line segment, can be used to represent any physical quantity which requires both direction and magnitude homewor a complete description. What will be the speed of the ball just as it reaches the spring on the ground? An infrared sensor system is set homewofk so that two sensors start timing when the infrared beam of the first sensor is blocked and then the timer stops when the beam of the second sensor is blocked.

How long will it take the boat to reach the opposite shore? A mass of 5. What is the magnitude of your centripetal acceleration?

physics homework #63

What will be the direction and magnitude of the torque exerted on the lamp by the applied force F about a center of rotation located at the bottom right corner of the lamp? How much gravitational potential energy will this crate have when it reaches the top of the incline?

What is the spring constant for this spring? What will be the gravitational potential energy of a 32, Kg rocket sitting on the surface of Mars? How fast must a 4. On the graph at the right sketch the acceleration of this car as a function of time. Where in the missing heat energy? The train leaves the train station from rest with an acceleration of 0.


physics homework #63

Is this collision elastic or inelastic? Your car is heading North on Route 9 with a velocity of The phydics is then allowed to roll to the bottom of the incline; a. How far from the base of the building will the bullet strike the ground? What will be the angular velocity of this disc after 8. Suppose that somehow the planet Neptune were to change into a black hole [not likely since Neptune is much too small!


For each of the following, complete the free body diagram showing all of the forces acting on the mass M. The diagram below shows a meter stick resting on two ring stands. How much work was done? A satellite is designed so that it will orbit the Earth once every What is the gravitational potential homewokr of the roller coaster while at the top of the hill?

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The system is at equilibrium. What would the maximum radius of Jupiter have to be if it was to become a black hole? On the graph below sketch the velocity of this automobile as a function of time.

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