It existed in a very distinct form in the Roman era and it continued with increasing strength in the Merovingian era. It was the creation of the Latin Churches, and not of any one military or civil power. Among civilized o men and women opinions and tastes differ, and social customs are continually adjusted by individual experiment. Among the possible conjectures, one of the most likely is that it probably consisted, at From Medieval Cities 17 least in good part, in human chattels that is to say, in slaves. The number of slaves and half-free was considerable.

Thus as early as the ninth century, while the Empire of Charlemagne was kept in isolation after the closing of the Mediterranean, Southern Russia on the contrary was induced to sell her products in the two great markets which exercised their attraction on her. The paganism of the Scandinavians of the Dnieper left them free of the religious scruples which prevented the Christians of the west from having dealings with the Moslems. Without Islam, the Prankish Empire would probably never have existed and Charlemagne, without Mahomet, would be inconceivable. There is no room for doubt that during all the Merovingian era it was through them that the city groups were provisioned and that the merchants were supplied. The aim of the invaders was not to destroy the Roman Empire but to occupy and enjoy it. All together, these extracts present in sufficient detail for fairly close study the essentials of the “Pirenne Thesis.

In contrast, Henri Pirenne considered that the economic, social and political essence of the Roman world was not destroyed by the Germanic invasions but it continued until the impact of Islam ended it in the seventh and eighth centuries.

Since our point of view is more or less that of the classical peoples, theeis regard such an attitude of mind as a relapse into barbarism,” which in fact it is not Let me quote some striking examples. The merchants thesie whom we have to do here were not, in fact, professional mer- chants but servitors charged with the duty of supplying the Court or the monks.

It would be absurd to treat a change in social custom, such as the wearing of trousers instead of tunics in the fifth century, as a decay or decline of any- thing whatever. On all its shores, for cen- turies, thdsis life, in its fundamental charac- teristics, had been the same; religion, the same; customs and ideas, the same or very nearly so.


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It is shown, finally, by the effigies which were minted on the coins. One of Clovis’s earliest ambitions was to conquer Provence, “‘ and only the intervention of Theodoric kept him from extending the frontiers of his kingdom as far as the Cote d’Azur. Social relations change when a child becomes a man, when acquaintances become husband and wife, or when lovers use telephones instead of writing.

Here again, then, it must be repeated that the problem was not that of civilization in general, but of the Roman form of it. As in the fifth century in west- ern Europe, a particular type of civilization has not proved flexible enough to meet new strains and pressures.

If the bulk of the commerce pirennr Mero- vingian Gaul criticsim to be found in the hands of oriental merchants, their influence, how- ever, should not be exaggerated. It was one system of government which included all the lands from northern Brit- ain to the borders of Iraq, and from the Rhine and Danube to the Sahara. The contributions include one by Burns, which argues that Western Europe was created between and under the influence of Latin Christianity and Germanic rulers, owing little to the late Roman Empire, which he typifies as eastern Mediterranean in focus.

pirenne thesis criticism

There was a trade slaves, food-stuffs and raw materials n throughout the Mediterranean basin, ex- C. But in so doing it was constrained, for lack of money, to choose the instruments of power from among the midst of a group of men whose most evident interest was to diminish that power.

We must affirm that It continued to be active and well sustained, in marked con- trast with the growing apathy that charac- terized the inland provinces.

Henri Pirenne

What developments distinguish Antiq- uity from the Middle Ages? First, if it took service under one Roman general, it might be reduced to slavery by the victory of The First Europe another; and, secondly, if It remained out- side the Roman frontiers, it might suffer from the slave-raids which had been essen- tial for many centuries before the fifth in order to supply the Roman world with cheap labour.

But it is still possible that modern European civilization will be more successful than the Roman in adapt- ing itself to new experiences and alien influences. The recruiting of the functionaries from among the aristocracy was the fundamental vice of the Prankish Empire and the essential cause of its dis- solution, which became so rapid after the death thdsis Charlemagne. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.


The Cambridge Medieval History 8 v.

pirenne thesis criticism

If, however, in the formula “decay of ancient civilization” we lay stress on “ancient” and not on “civilization,” the formula hits the point. This is made plain enough by the many contrasts between the Merovingian era, during which the Mediterranean retained its time-honored historical importance, and the Carolingian era, when that influence ceased to make itself felt.

The Prankish kings let ceiticism all stay in force and drew from criticiwm such copious revenues that the collectors of this class of taxes figured among their most useful functionaries. The last few years he was also Director of Archaeological Studies and was In charge of the work at Dura near ancient Babylon.

They did not sell because they could not sell, and they could not sell because markets were wanting. The barbarians were not only soldiers of the line and cavalry, but fenerals and even Emperors. Many of them, seduced by its attractions, settled down there and took service in the Imperial 2 Byzantine Emperor and scholar who wrote or inspired several works which provide much of our knowledge of his time.

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For this purpose they built fortified en- closures, called gorods in the Slavic tongue, where they settled with their princes and the images of their gods. It is shown further by the metal which was employed: His thesis was of considerable significance to economic historians and tended to increase the importance of the Byzantine and Islam contribution, and reduce that of the Germanic, to the history of Western Europe. In other words, this commerce continued to be closely bound up with the commerce of the Byzantine Empire.

Africa, Spain, and Italy were reconquered.

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