The students ARE exemplary. I remember having more, and I think it did me a lot of good. This spirit of cooperation then affects overall student behavior. Its costing me, but it’s straight A’s now. Dear Parvin, Benecia needs a new Superintendent next year. Thu, Feb 12, , 7:

So, no not everyone “scores highly”. I feel sorry for their plight — being led by a crippled and ineffective administration. The offending material should not be sent to school personnel electronically. To assess the district, Niche used data from various government and public agencies. Your student can then be released to you. Clearly I have a bias.

pleasanton unified school district homework policy

There is no adult supervision prior to this time. All students in grades 2 through 5 may ride their bikes to school. In my opinion, if anything needs to change at PUSD, we need tougher, more demanding classes and tests. As determined by the teacher, the assignments and tests will be reasonably equivalent to but not necessarily identical to the assignments and tests missed during the absence.

Fire, earthquake and other emergency drills are conducted on a monthly basis. If you believed what they told you, I bet you scored very highly in the traits they’re looking for The parent should establish an appropriate environment for completion of homework activities.

pleasanton unified school district homework policy

Middle school teachers report that the amount of time they are assigning per night is slightly over policy guidelines. It could be that the parents you are talking to who are the ones doing the most pleadanton.

Pleasanton school board discusses homework survey results

Employees are expected to provide appropriate supervision to enforce standards of conduct and, if they observe or receive a report of a violation of these standards, to immediately intervene or call for assistance. Fri, Jun 26,7: Schoil that endangers students, staff, unifjed others cf. The survey report also shows that K-3rd grade teachers reported that the amount of time they are assigning per night on homework is within the policy unidied, while 4th-5th grade teachers are assigning slightly less than policy guidelines.


Damage to or theft of property belonging to students, staff, or the district cf. High schools should have a block schedule with longer class times or a hybrid block schedule. Paying attention not only to the words but also to the feelings behind the words.

pleasanton unified school district homework policy

I can also say that my middle school kid didn’t spend nearly as much time on homework as you say. I went to private college preparatory schools on the East Coast for grades 7 to 12, and expectations, demands, and workloads were tougher than what I’ve seen here with my kids here in PUSD.

You can pick up a copy of the form at Registration Day or in the office. Your kids have trouble with high-pressure school? BobB – Yes, I was told by the principal that for every 10 parents that complained to her about their kids receiving too much homework, she had 15 parents asking for more homework for their kids. Please check the current California immunization requirements at: Pleasanton Parent, what Kathleen really means is that you can say that about Pleasanton Schools just not about Palo Alto schools.

Parent volunteers must have a cleared Volunteer Form on file with the school.

If not, the survey results unifued just as meaningful and poorly engineered as the recent Calendar Change surveys… They produce sound bites that are used to push forward a single-sided agenda. Pleasanton Parent, It is not so simple that you can blame any district for “crushing the kids with abusive levels of pressure and piles of junk homework.


Students will only be released to adults listed on the Emergency Card.

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But there are just as many kids, if not more, who are NOT comfortable in these environments. Provide clear driving directions parent drivers as well as parking instructions as needed. Special testing for identification is completed in spring for students in grades 3 through 5 only. Any opportunity to toot her own horn. The principal or designee shall determine whether the requested use of the laser pointer is for a valid instructional or other school-related purpose.

One of the basic goals of our school is to provide an educational program which will meet the needs and interests of each student. If the student is using a social networking site or service that has terms of use that prohibit posting of harmful material, the Superintendent or designee also may file a complaint with the Internet site or service to have the material removed.

Not to mention, what about the parents that cannot afford to incur this type of expense? It is a challenging problem, but directing more resources to kids that need help keeping up is needed.

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