If their answers correspond to each other, they can advance to the next base until they reach their destination. Rihanna tells Nidora that while repairs are under way, they still are not complete. Retrieved 18 October KalyeSerye Day – Sino si Jhake? While Yaya Dub is practicing, a mysterious woman peeks at Yaya Dub from a nearby vehicle but neither she nor the Lolas take notice. Isadora also explains that Nidora is strict to Yaya because she doesn’t want Yaya to be like Ursula, who was very aggressive and impulsive when she hastily fell in love with Dodong, a gardener in the Zobeyala household. While Alden rummages through the flower pots, Nidora reads from the diary about the house.

List of Eat Bulaga! Anong nangyari kay Misis? Yaya Dub is still upset because Alden hasn’t brought her fresh lumpia. To prevent any scandal as Ursula was unmarried, Isadora decided to take Divina as her own daughter. A very hurt Yaya Dub attempts to escape but is eventually recaptured by the Rogelios while Alden is last seen crying.

Lola Nidora challenges Alden instead to buy candies from Bicolparticularly those made from pili nutsto which he agrees.

Ang Mga Gamot ni Dra. AlDub Day 45 – Facebook”.


Eat Bulaga March 31 2017 Part 4 –

Retrieved 29 November Later, news break that Lola Nidora has aolving from prison. Nidora then informs Yaya that, after his mall tour in ZamboangaAlden will fly to Japan the following day.

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Panibagong Pagsubok – Facebook”. Retrieved 14 March Jimmy and Lola Nidora would also exchange Dubsmash responses.

In the box is also a letter, which reads:. Lola Nidora gathers enough strength to tell Alden that “everything happens for a reason” and begs him to make her happy by letting the YaKie wedding proceed. It is also revealed that Nidora had paid Dr. Retrieved 7 June Retrieved 9 April Retrieved 1 July Retrieved 28 June Alden attempts to catch up and stop the wedding. The wedding starts with the mach and proceeds with the pastor’s opening rites. Episodes are numbered by days e.

problem solving eat bulaga march 4 2015

Retrieved 22 October Retrieved 10 August Rihanna enters the dining room and asks to have a photo with the couple, because she is excited for Yaya, who is her best friend.

Yaya Dub keeps on searching for Alden, who eventually appears. sokving

Youtube eat bulaga problem solving july 27 2015

Nidora then tries to contact Yaya to see how she is doing, but Yaya does not answer her phone. Alden had forgotten to bring the oroblem because he was too excited and left the mansion in a hurry. Alden wishes Lola Nidora to get well, but she says his gesture is too late. Wildcard edition” to be announced. Yaya is still missing Alden who has been away for days but is happy when she sees Bae-by Baste, who reminds marc of Alden.


Everyone’s excitement turns into disappointment when Yaya loses.

Download EAT BULAGA SEPTEMBER 17 Kalye Serye ALDUB –

In the middle of his performance, Alden breaks down and cries, causing everyone to become emotional. The Wedding Crasher – Facebook”.

This is the first time Barbara Sastre appears as one of the applicants. Retrieved 23 July Retrieved 16 May Kalye’s Angels – Facebook”.

problem solving eat bulaga march 4 2015

Paano na ang Forever?

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