Reasoning Celia plans to pack her books in boxes when her family moves. Draw a point on the grid for 1, 4. They are increasing by 1 down a column. Topic 6 – Represent and Interpret Data. A parallelogram with all sides the same length 4 in. Topic 3 – Addition Facts to

Let r be the number of test-tube racks needed. Write whether each number is prime or composite. Identify the multiplication property or properties used in each equation. Traffic policemen had stood on their little problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13 4 platforms at the centre of the street crossings problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13 4 under those mammoth parasols they have to essay on the godfather movie shield them from the rigors of the Washington sun. If I convert kilometers to meters, there will be a larger number of meters. Estimate each quotient using compatible numbers.

It represents an unknown amount that can change.

Understand Halves and Fourths. Sample answers are given.

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He is sawing it into inch lengths to make fence posts. Jacobson Explaun Shelter has half as many cats as dogs. Art Class Labezius, K. Use your ruler to draw a line segment of each length. Number Sense The perimeter of a square is 24 in. Use Addition to Subtract Tens. How to write an equation number sentence for a problem: Measure the line segment below solvin the nearest centimeter and to the nearest millimeter.


In the estimate, we used numbers greater than the original numbers, so the answer is an overestimate.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13-4

Find compatible numbers for and Rewrite using the Distributive Property. They are the probpem distance apart and will not cross each other. Diego is buying fruit at the store. Greater than Topic 5 93 Reteaching Step 1: Collect and Represent Data.

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13-4

Subtract and bring down the next digit in the dividend. You can use arrays to find the factors of Each one is the sum of three one-thirds. This morning she bought 4 boxes of yellow beads containing 45 beads each.

Problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13 4

The second number in the division expression is the denominator of the fraction. Round the divisor and the dividend. The center is now 2 2 2. Plan and Solve Answer these hidden questions.

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He said his answer was What is 5, 60? Where are the cubes located in regeaching larger cube? She has 22 yards of fence material. For questions 1 through 4, solve each equation. Multiply 7 times each part of the difference.


You can do mathematical operations with variables and numbers. What part of a whole circle is shown by the white, or unshaded, area of one circle? probem

problem solving writing to explain reteaching 13-4

Write a list of what you need to know.

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