Learning Strategies Offer a variety of services for graduate students including workshops pertaining to learning, writing, and research skills at the graduate level. In order to be considered for awards in the first year, your application should be completed by February 1st. Preparing for Your Oral Examination The student being examined must be present in person at Queen’s University for their oral thesis examination. Are there scholarships available? You are also encouraged to apply for external scholarships and fellowships as early as possible, as some of these may then be available to you during your first year of study.

This note may be emailed to thesis queensu. Your grade for Biology will be submitted after April 22, as long as you have submitted your thesis to QSpace. Any copyrighted material including photos, pictures, charts, graphs, maps, etc. We encourage you to apply for additional funding through external scholarships. It was at Queen’s that I developed my thirst for knowledge through evidence based research.

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Future Uses of Your Thesis by Others: In order to successfully submit your thesis via the E-Thesis submission process, the final version of your thesis MUST be in PDF format and must be subimssion using the following file naming convention: This will mean that anyone who downloads and views your thesis document s via a Google search will clearly see the license terms you have assigned and permitted uses.

Once your thesis is approved by the Graduate School and you have NOT selected the option to “restrict from publication”, your thesis will be available on QSpace worldwide within minutes. If you are not registered as a nurse in Ontario during the program you will be unable to conduct thesis research that requires registration. subjission


queensu final thesis submission

Nurs Final Thesis Defense end of year 2. Our online PhD program will consist of a series of six courses, five of which are offered online and one on-campus during the Spring onsite residency.

Advance contact with potential supervisors is strongly recommended. The program encourages dissemination of student research and provides opportunities for national and international networking.

queensu final thesis submission

Each member of the Thesis Examining Committee must indicate whether the examination should be held, and if the candidate is permitted to defend the thesis. It is a secure web-based cloud service meaning you qusensu need to download anything onto your personal machine to use it that can be accessed anytime, anywhere you have a network connection.

After completing the program, I was recruited for a tenure-track faculty position at my university of choice.

Stage 3 – QSpace: Final Submission

Applicants without an undergraduate university degree in nursing will be considered, and are strongly encouraged to contact us prior to applying. Doctoral Nursing Program Questions.

If you have any questions about final submission, please let me know. Please print this document for full details. Follow the steps to enter the descriptive information about their thesis and upload the PDF file.

queensu final thesis submission

Skip to content Home Thesis Submission Guidelines. Once formatting has been corrected, the revised thesis must be resubmitted through the above link.

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Are there scholarships available? Add your preferred Creative Commons CC license to your thesis document This will mean that anyone who downloads and views your thesis document s via a Google search will clearly see the license terms you have assigned and permitted uses.

Each member of your committee and the Chair will evaluate your thesis based on writing, analysis, interpretation and overall organization, and assign a grade.

If there are supplementary files associated with your thesis but separate from the text, you are encouraged to deposit these as separate files. Feel free to contact us. The thesis requires independent, original research and makes up at least two-thirds of the time normally required for the program. Also check the QSpace site see next step for instructions on preparing your copy for upload.


In order for the submission to go smoothly make sure to be prepared with the following: There is an expectation that you attend and actively participate in courses, scholarly presentations and research events in the School of Nursing, within the Faculty of Health Sciences and within the Queen’s community in general.

With the exception of the Chairperson for Doctoral Programs, it is the responsibility of the Department to select, verify eligibility, and invite all members of the Thesis Examining Committee. Proof of registration as a registered nurse in own country will not be required to register with College of Nurses of Ontario.

tbesis At each oral thesis examination, the examining committee will reach one of the three outcome categories below:. The research programs of faculty in the School of Nursing are reflected through 3 clusters: Questions may evaluate your understanding of the relevant literature, the methods used and their limitationsthe significance of your results, and the strength of your conclusions.

Final marks for Biology will be released along with other course marks by the Registrar. International students who are not registered in Ontario will be unable to conduct thesis research that requires registration; Proficiency in English.

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