Provided, That the waste diversion goals shall be increased every three 3 years thereafter; Provided, further, That nothing in this Section prohibits a local government unit from implementing re-use, recycling, and composting activities designed to exceed the goal. Research on Solid Waste Management. Thus the results presented that although solid waste management issue may be local but the problems are generally regional. It is then exported to the Thailand and Vietnam. Taiwan has been implementing several types of recycling systems for polyethylene bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, waste paper, used tires, lubricating oils, mercury cell batteries and pesticide containers.

There is a great need to address these issues before it is too late to remedy the problems. Guidelines for Transfer Stations. Public Education and Information. In the same way, if the management of the command areas of Vientiane Municipality were given to the private sector or individuals, then the residents would have to buy the right to pollute the city. Box 1 cites a small-scale composting activity in the neiboring Thailand where several good practices are implemented.

Requirements for the Segregation and Storage of Solid Waste. Provided, That representatives from the NGOs, thfsis and manufacturing or packaging industries shall be selected through a process designed by themselves and shall be endorsed by the government agency representatives of the Board.

The National Ecology Center. When the bank becomes full, the administration contacts the recycling company to buy the contents.

Solid-waste management practices of households in Manila, Philippines.

The passage of Republic Act RA puts solid waste management into proper perspective. Status on the Implementation of RA It also outlines the necessary provisions to carry out collection and disposal of garbage in the most sanitary manner possible. These programs should be continued and extended in the other universities and schools on a regular basis to ensure better understanding among the younger generation who can bring home their awareness to the community.

ra 9003 thesis

Thus, at the height of the impeachment trial of the then President Joseph Estrada, a new tthesis was enacted. Lack of technical capability and expertise, understanding of the techniques and non- familiarity with the processes or even lack of experience contribute to this situation. As the price of environmental services increases, people or commercial institutions decrease their pollution levels. The government could give priority to use of recycled products from the industries in public offices.


The experiences and practices of household waste management of people in a barangay village in Manila, Philippines are 9030.

ra 9003 thesis

They lack awareness on the importance and seriousness of the problem and make no efforts to reduce waste. The DECS and the Commission on Higher Education shall ensure that waste management shall be incorporated in the curriculum of primary, secondary and college students. Likewise, it is hoped that this paper can provide some insights towards improvement of solid waste management in Southeast Asia.

The Department Secretary and a private sector representative of the Commission shall serve as chairman and vice chairman, respectively. Household information was collected from the all the four urban districts of the Municipality.

Such fund shall be sourced from the following:. thdsis

Accordingly, a number of recommendations for amendments are included so that the law can better address the solid waste problems of the entire Philippine archipelago. The practice of composting and recycling reduce the level of leachate as a result of removal of the organic fraction of the waste stream, reduces the total amount of waste disposed, and ultimately reduces the overall cost of SWM.

This study identifies and assesses the general practices and instruments used in solid waste management in Vientiane, including market and non-market based instruments as well as public education and training programs moral suasion.

When social cost is greater than private cost, negative externalities occur, resulting in environmental degradation.

Solid-waste management practices of households in Manila, Philippines.

Once waste separation has been successfully implemented at source, there are many opportunities to collect and utilize these segregated materials in a number of ways. Changing consumption patterns of the people in the city has altered the composition of the waste stream to an increased fraction of plastic materials. Soemarwoto, Bandung, Table 3. Taiwan has been implementing several types of recycling systems for polyethylene bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cans, waste paper, used tires, lubricating oils, mercury cell batteries and pesticide containers.


This provision shall also apply and benefit public officers who are sued for acts committed in their official capacity, there being no grave abuse of authority, and done in the course of enforcing this Act. Provided, That the collection of non-recyclable materials and special wastes shall be the responsibility of the municipality or city.

This situation provides a hypothesis that waste management operational functions of GBWMC should also cover the activities at the source or upstream of waste generation which will be discussed in the following sub-section.

Finally, as observed among LGUs visited by the author, the local chief executives have come to look at the law as equivalent to the setting up of a sanitary landfill which is very costly and therefore, almost unattainable in terms of their own LGU budgets. The Commission shall provide incentives to businesses and industries that are engaged in the recycling of wastes and which are registered with the Commission and have been issued ECCs in accordance with the guidelines established by the Commission.

Further, in terms of business feasibility aspects, the SPA plays a strategic role as a reliable facility to collect and transport waste in order to ensure waste supply coming to TPA, as required and calculated in the business plan. Mass media such as newspapers, television and radio should 90033 be mobilized to make the public aware of better SWM. The results of the study may be used by policy makers and agencies in Vientiane as well as by other smaller cities in the Greater Mekong Subregion.

Theiss and Industry Role.

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