The Inabah rehabilitation center applied Islamic and psychosocial approach approach through repentance and worship activities such as remembrance and prayer following Qadiriyah Naqshabandiyah Sufism method to those suffer from drugs addiction. Spotcheck Penanganan Korban Tindak Kekerasan: We are thankful to Dr. We therefore ensure that we are up to date with the changing requirements of educational institutions with regard to different pieces of writing. The unifying purpose of social work is to promote a mutually beneficial interaction between individuals and society in order to improve the quality of life for everyone NASW, , cited in Zastrow, Sekolah Tinggi Kesejahteraan Sosial.

In social work program, classes are held in such a way so that students can easily understand the applicability of social work education in the context of Bangladesh. One of the most important issues facing social work education in Indonesia today is as follows; how can students be taught social work in a way that is personally meaningful to them, directly related to the developmental functions of the country and its own cultural context? Actually, this constellation of core 1 Discussion of this section is based on NASW Code of Ethics of Social Work approved in and syllabus of various schools of social work in Bangladesh. A pre-tested structured interview schedule, composed of both close-ended predetermined and open-ended questions, has been administered for collecting data from the selected subjects including the retired faculty members of social work school those who obtained higher degrees from Western universities, and practitioners as well as social work students. However, when it is implemented, the program accreditation for social work in Indonesia will be conducted by professional association, the same as the system applied in Western countries. Findings of the Study Importance of human relationship Social workers believe that relationship between and among the people is an important vehicle for change.

In MayMuhammadiyah and International NGO Family for Every Child have run a pilot of social work readymase tool which aims to identify and build upon good practice in the existing system. It is also to be noted that some of the steps introduced in social work education have greatly helped in the process of indigenization of social work education in Bangladesh.

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These internee students make serious efforts to repair and renovate broken rural roads that hamper smooth communication with the help of community resources collected through voluntary contributions made by the people themselves.


Values, Knowledge and Skills, Indonesia is a multicultural country.

It means those factors that the study failed to address or incorporate. Interestingly, other workers without social work background working beside social work graduates did not experience similar success in working with micro-credit borrowers.

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Meanwhile in non- social work courses students are thought about the subjects assumed to have relevance or give foundation for practicing social work such as phjlippines, economics, politics, psychology, statistics, Indonesian social and cultural systems, English, Bahasa Indonesia, demography, and religion. It also proves that the process of indigenization of social work education is a must. In Philippihes Sharlene Furuto ed. But the field practicum of social work education in Bangladesh has been encountering various problems since its inception.

Apart from that, the curriculum offered in each social work school had thoroughly been reviewed for understanding the process of indigenization introduced there. The curriculum of social work has witnessed different modifications, accommodation, incorporation etc aiming at standardizing social work education followed at university level where it is taught.

Social work education in Bangladesh: Therefore, there is a need to produce efficient and skilled social workers through indigenization of social work education and practice to combat local problems. It is important to mention that the nature of ethical issues have shifted over times and it does not have a permanent or unchanging value base Meinert, Pardek and Sullivan, Indonesia is a multicultural country and is made up of people from different racial, ethnic, socio-economic, religious and cultural background.

To examine the knowledge, perception and realities relating to indigenization of social work education and practice in the country; and 3. In explaining the substance of courses they often readymaee the examples or readymaed that are familiar in daily life of Indonesian society that can be easily understood by the students.

Although very recently some classrooms of social work schools philip;ines ISWR have been decorated with LCD Projectors and whiteboards but it is not at par with the requirement. For reaxymade example, Vasudevan has mentioned the “integrating spirituality, meditation, religious activities in to social work practice in Sri Lanka” p.

It launched its post-graduate program, i.

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Frequent practicum is due to several reasons, including assuring that phillippines students understand well the coverage of social work practice. This is also an effort made by social work educators to indigenize social work readymwde that it could be applicable in the context of Bangladeshi society. Concepts, History and Philosophy in Bangla. Indigenization of social work in Asia The international joint research conducted in revealed the following challenges facing the internationalization of social work education in Asia: They face difficulties in using reading materials in respect of the practical situation in our country.


Actually, this constellation of core 1 Discussion of this section is based on NASW Code of Ethics of Social Work approved in and syllabus of various schools of social work in Bangladesh.

That is how the retired professors contributed to the eradymade of indigenization of social work education in the country. These readymqde workers, having struggled with the abovementioned differences, have opted to practice social work based upon their own culturally-relevant approach which may or may not comply with the global professional practice of social work.

P2TP2A collaborates with service providers including police office, hospitals, and other relevant parties to assure that the victims receive the needed services.

Dignity and worth of the person Social workers respect phulippines inherent dignity and worth of the individuals.

The professors firmly believe that new courses have been contributing significantly to the process radymade indigenization of social work education. Integrity At all the social work schools of Bangladesh, the social work students are provided with thorough idea about mission, values, principles and ethical standard of social work through course curriculum so that they could perform their duties in trustworthy manner after entering professional practice.

In Nepal, social work education began in Philippjnes is therefore, immediately after the partition, an exodus of Indian Muslims to Pakistan and in the same way an exodus of Pakistani Hindus to India took place in an uncontrolled manner.

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