It’s what you do when you get there that proves your ability. In a small company the personality of someone is more important than their grade as they have to fit in to a small team and often work independently. Obviously most people massage the truth in their CV’s but lying about your degree grade is something that is easy to check and many companies ask you to produce your certificates on employment. There are so many pressurising factors which go into the top courses beyond merely intelligence e. And remember most chairman directors and COS who have built the big businesses of today never went to university and most do not have degrees. I’m so confused as to what to do now.

I heard about students with an entitlement complex who believed that because they paid for a degree they deserved a job. However, since graduating in June this year I have found it to be a different story. So stay strong, think for yourself and don’t assume that because everyone is jumping off the cliff it must be what you do too. So don’t assume they wont check before or after making you an offer. Help your children to improve their reasoning and problem solving skills with our collection of classroom activity resources.

It may mean you worked hard and are suited to academic work, but you are not better than anyone else. I got what I deserved, and I was happy with it because it was fair. I see 3 main reasons for this: There is loads of stuff out there!

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They drank and they partied. The only thing your better at is modules which in the majority of cases you will probably never use again! At first i didnt realise how i managed it but as i started working i realised why, Personality matters far more than academic grade but saying that if you did recieve a 2. Working a part time job every week, dyslexia, family problems, health problems it did affect my degree greatly. But it certainly doesn’t mean they worked any harder than me, as they were lucky enough not to HAVE TO work part-time in order to survive at uni as for a lot receitp people at uni and have receopt other extra stresses around the uni work!


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In an effort to make your graduate job rhkl easier and as a response to the comments we have seen in this thread, we have created a new page specifically for graduates with a 2. Somone degrees out there rnul a joke tbh with people only coming in twice a week and graduating with a 1st.

The other avenue to take would be completing a postgraduate course to supplement your undergraduate studies University is not High School.

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Employers thinking one with a 1st or 2: But it doesn’t take away the fact that graduates are not getting the jobs that they worked hard for! No, Chloe and Ads, someone with a 2. I think that is besides the point. Yet somebody who has tried really hard to redeem themselves and prove their capabilities at university are left with nowhere to turn, except maybe receeipt a manager at McDonald’s.

rhul coursework receipt

In addition to this I’ve got work experience abroad, but what I don’t understand is despite all of this I’ve had many many rejections so far. But sometimes It happens that You can do that computer programming homework, couesework you have exams and class test which are more important than your this computer programming homework.

If you’re just trolling because you’re having a bad day, however, then I’m very sorry about that.

I showed a mass of enthusiasm for the job on offer as it was something I was interested in. How can you even begin to compare a 2: Some people are not academically applied, that means they can’t memorise and swallow book some of you refer to this as hard work and they need to understand the material cos that is how their brain works I graduated in July with a first class degree in maths from Royal Holloway.


Very silly that people with 2: Therefore obviously they deserve preference over someone with a lower grade. I get commended on my academic courseework, but when it comes to practical skills, employers feel I’m somewhat lacking. I have worked in retail in a management position and currently an account manager in Recruitment, this is not what I wanted to do but due to the market and the fact I had to support myself I took any opportunity I could.

With this idea in mind i decided to courseworo up myself to new experiences by working abroad with the aim to returnand have that slight advantage other fresh graduates,however that doesnt seem to be the case. Do you demonstrate this when you go to interview? My advice to you would be to do the same. I graduated second in my department and first out of all straight maths grads.

I am one of few in my class who hasn’t got a job, even those with 2: I have two friends who did degrees at a very respectful university and they are nowhere in life one own’s a small bar and that is it. I sympathise with those of you who feel you’re unfairly missing out on opportunities, but remember the courrsework lining is that you don’t spend ages jumping through hoops for no apparent reason, only to be chewed up and spat out.

Yet many employers will chuck their CVs in the bin.

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