Gives students the opportunity to explore the issues facing the board of directors in leveraged buyout. When they consider the old method of operation of the business then the value of the business. Moody’s also down-graded RJR’s other debt, a move that triggered substantial declines in the market prices of RJR’s securities. The state district court judge in Texas agreed with plaintiffs’ contention that the LBO was a fraudulent scheme designed to shield the company from asbestos litigation. Tobacco-related Litigation During the s, investors were concerned that the tobacco companies would be hit with large product liability damage awards.

KKR’s strategy for servicing this debt rested on asset sales and improved internal cash flow. The reset provisions of the two bonds were essentially identical and, prior to reset, the two bonds would pay the same interest rate. If Holdings’ financial advisors, on the one hand, and Dillon and Lazard, on the other hand, are unable to agree on the Fixed Rate within three business days, Holdings’ financial advisors, on the one hand, and Dillon and Lazard, on the other hand, shall appoint an independent nationally recognized investment bank to determine the Fixed Rate and such determination by such bank shall be final. Failure-to-warn cases focused on the years prior to when federal law began to require that consumer warnings be printed on cigarette packaging. Kohlberg had done his first LBO in

Finance General Management Marketing.

As noted above, cigarette shipments in the U. In recent times, many companies had been repurchasing their “junk” securities: In subsequent years, KKR obtained ever greater commitments from its growing stable of investors.

Food sales were forecast to grow at 8.

rjr nabisco case study hbs

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After the equity of Holdings, the most junior securities were the Senior Converting Debentures followed by xase Exchange Debentures.

In addition, the board was concerned that, because of the size of the transaction, some of the bidders would cooperate rather than compete with each other. Exhibit 1 summarizes this structure and describes the various securities issued by each of these entities.

rjr nabisco case study hbs

For various reasons including poor handling of his own PR the board associated Mr. The KKR also incorporated high interest rate in the valuation of the. While KKR did not promise such returns in the future, investors clearly hoped nbs would be the case. In other words, conditions of oversupply and not necessarily poor fundamentals could have been causing the depressed prices of the reset bonds. While KKR proposed to distribute 25 percent of the equity in the future company to existing shareholders, the management group offer included only 15 per cent.

These are the costs of the agent who arrange the buyer of the business for the seller.

RJR Nabisco Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Mazur evaluated the acquisition using a financial model that assumed a sales growth rate of Finance Globalization Health Care. As the pre smoking population hns, the number of failure-to-warn cases declined over time.

Moreover, the assumptions underlying the valuation process must be carefully assessed and modeled. Any of the above approaches would have the effect of reducing or eliminating the number of reset bonds outstanding. This will ensure that they. This, again, accommodated the board’s objective of maximizing cur- rent shareholders’ participation in future profits. At the time, the company was embroiled in numerous asbestos-related product liability lawsuits stemming from the manufacture of asbestos building materials by the company’s Celotex Corporation subsidiary.

But if they sell the food segment and focus on their core tobacco business then their total. Interest rate variable at the greater of 50 basis rjg over rkr IRN rate see above or an increasing spread over time over the rate on the 7 year treasury note.


RJR Nabisco

Prior to the first round of bidding, the board announced that the bidding deadline would not be extended. Assumed interest rates are consistent with the operating projections. This has reduced the value of the. Harvard Business School Rev. On April 12,RJR discontinued its practice of buying tobacco liability insurance, becoming self-insured for all tobacco-related product liability risks.

Medoff attempted to negotiate modifications to the sellers’ note that would offer more security but would not include additional personal guarantees.

cwse In its effort to be responsible to all stakeholders, the board’s special committee wanted to minimize adverse effects on employees. The cost is not so big; it is the.

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Amounts shown were not necessarily outstanding simultaneously. Caee students the opportunity to explore issues facing the board of directors in a leveraged buyout. As causes, various observers cited the troubles and ultimate bankruptcy of Drexel Burnham Lambert, the babisco and loan crisis, the financial distress of Campeau Corporation, and fears that economic recession would trigger numerous junk bond defaults. If they did not recover and the reset proved infeasible, KKR could then try to negotiate with the bondholders and banks, or seek Chapter 11 protection, or both.

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