Proper Noun is a name of particular thing, person, animal and place. Next, the spelling adjustment does not occur in the TL. Noun phrase in English the word junior is as modifier first then follow by the word partner is as head. Next, the word aktris in the TL means wanita yang berperan sebagai pelaku dalam pementasan cerita drama, dan sebagainya di panggung, radio, televisi, atau film, KBBI, Therefore, the word was taken directly into the TL. The word mental in the SL means relating to the mind: This is called borrowing in the lexical level.

Since its inception until October 16, , all activities, which held by the Graduate Program of Udayana University, was coordinated by Prof. Pada tanggal dua puluh Based on the meaning the word pound in the SL is equivalent to the word pound in the TL. This includes remote sensing, ocean modelling, geographic information System GIS , coastal engineering, coastal processes, marine instrument, ecology, genetics, marine pollution, fisheries, marine ecotourism, and it’s economic and social. The form which is changed in the TL e.

In this case, the pronunciation is taken and the spelling system thezis changed. According to them, technique means the strategy used to solve the problem in translating based on the purpose of translation itself.

The word shock in the SL and TL are categorized as a noun.

The form of word is singular in the TL. Based on the explanation above, it shows that the word mafia in the SL and the word mafia in the TL have the same category. Each of the authority who submit their articles to the UJoSSH for tehsis must be able to prove that the work submitted is original contributions and have not been published in part or in whole on other print media.


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s2 thesis unud

Culture has broken through its classical demarcation and has moved into its new frontier of political and economical functions. Remember me on this computer. Vowel in the end —e Omitted vowel at the end mile p.

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The word Papa begins with a capital letter which characterizes a proper noun. The two words do not begin with a capital letter. It is categorized as a noun in the word class. Then, the adjustment of spelling does not occur in the TL.

s2 thesis unud

Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press. It is important because borrowing is one way in addition to calque and literal translation. It depends on the culture whereby languages develop. The word film is commonly used in the Thesiis culture. Classifying the words into pure borrowing and naturalized borrowing 4. It is to show that the technique used is pure borrowing. The word mental in the SL means relating to the mind: The word express in the SL text becomes ekspres in the TL text.

This research is focused on the borrowing technique occurring in the translation of The Murder on the Links with reference to Lapangan Golf Maut.


The description of lexical adjustment in the TL and the word borrowing refers to the technique of translation. The suffix — y has a meaning characterized of something. It is to denote that those word have the hnud category, it is an adjective. The borrowing word in KBBI Decidedly, you have the TL: Jurnal Ilmu-ilmu Budaya pertama kali terbit pada tahun dengan nama Widya Pustaka.

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Based on the meaning, they are similar. Borrowing technique in the translation of Bali live magazine into Indonesian. Kau benar — benar mempunyai heart of a Turk, Hustings. Tetapi kami menghadapi store for us, as no car has kekecewaan, karena tidak ada been uud to meet thedis, but mobil yang menjemput kami, Poirot put this down to his Poirot menjelaskan hal itu telegram have been delayed dengan mengatakan bahwa in transit, Christie, telegramnya terlambat London and New York: S K pursuant to the Rector Decree Number: The word psychology is the scientist study of the human mind and its function, Oxford,

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