Requirements for a Company and Intracompany Transferee. I will be applying for the EAD in about two weeks. The instructions say you need to supply:. I have filled the paper based application and not online. The petitioner also failed to provide certain crucial supporting evidence. I sent hand written check. Box Dallas, TX https:

Work with your husband, get all the documents and go for L2 stamping. New immigrants can benefit from our added value to make the complicated application process much simpler and easier, at the same time meet the U. How much time it is taking these days to get EAD. If yes, how can I submit the additional document to avoid the RFE. Company and Foreign Company 5.

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We obtained an L-1 for the owner of a company where the USCIS posed an objection that the company had only one employee and a team of consultants. I want to ask about apply visa L2. We won a case for an applicant who primarily served as a function manager, but also managed a few professionals.

Work with your husband, get all the documents and go for L2 stamping. I sampel my L2 EAD before time. Box Dallas, TX https: We cited business necessity and implications if Beneficiary is not allowed to reenter.

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Do you know what service center handled yours? We already had a valid visa till March however petition got expired. Yes, let us know. We obtained an L-1 transfer for the president of a company where the company, after one year of operation underwent a structural change impacting the relationship between the company abroad and the company in the U. We provided extensive asmple regarding the job duties of the beneficiary for both the foreign entity position as well as the proposed US position.


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The better way is that you can order our Complete Do-It-Yourself Package to help you going through the complicated process. And these Videos on our YouTube channel: Sample of Petition Cover Letter 4: The company is several-thousand employee strong internationally, but has a low head count in the USA. Consular Filing, and Premium Processing 1. New Template For L11a Z. One prominent issue was that the petitioner wanted the beneficiary to operate from the client site instead of the premises of the petitioner.

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I would suggest there is no harm in including the IS. We filed the L-1A amended petition with nunc pro tunc request for amendment of stay. Thanks to Babu for taking time to answer and letting us share samppe with our readers! Is below documents is enough to apply for L2 EAD? I am now in the process of submitting application for renewal. Thanks a lot in advance!!


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In response to the RFE, we submitted the Articles of Lrtter which indicated the share owner interest as well covrr the stock transfer ledger. I will be applying for the EAD in about two weeks. I am in the same boat. Tagged template for menu freetemplate for january calendartemplate for luggage tagstemplate for meeting minutes in wordtemplate for obituariestemplate for uniform requirementstemplate for kids allowancetemplate for year plans for grade 9template for valentine stemplate for hot wheels wall set Leave a comment.

USCIS approved the case. When you say visa, do you mean it is expired as per approval notice? I want to samp,e for EAD under L2 visa. We also provide several sample of petition cover letters, samples of filled petition form, complete petition checklists from yourself and from your employer, all the required USCIS forms, and detailed explanations of many petition related important issues.

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