A woman from the so-called “Hottentot tribe”, who, legend held, had amazing buttocks and strangely elongated labia, might provide an exceptional draw. Posthumously imprisoned in Paris, Saartjie’s violated body became one of Europe’s most analysed specimens. With the end of apartheid, South Africa opened diplomatic efforts to repatriate Baartman’s bones, led by the paleoanthropologist Phillip Tobias. They called her ‘Hottentot. In addition to her native tongue, she spoke fluent Dutch, passable English, and a smattering of French. Sara was literally [sic] treated like an animal.

Saartjie Baartman appeared on stage almost naked, in a skin-tight, flesh-coloured body stocking with a small embroidered apron covering her pubis and long strings of tribal beads. Saartjie’s legacy has been to carry the burden of racist representation for colonial and imperialist history. Journal of British Studies. According to the studies of contemporary feminists, traditional iconography and historical illustrations of Baartman are effective in revealing the ideological representation of black women in art throughout history. But for Saartjie, there were also economic advantages to be gained. Sarah Baartman exhibition 18 Sep The nation was rife with speculation that Grenville would become prime minister and his Whig coalition – known as the broad-bottoms or the bottomites – take over parliament.

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Saartjie’s death in Paris coincided with the repatriation to Italy of the famous Roman statue known as the Medici Venus. This is one of the main arguments that one can make. Inthen president Nelson Mandela requested that her remains be brought home.

After reading Ms Baartman history watch the Movie that follows. The Baartman exhibit proved popular until it elicited complaints for being a degrading representation of women.

sarah baartman essay

Enveloping her from neck to feet, it was an African version of the corn-gold tresses esswy Botticelli’s Venus – and every inch of its luxuriant, curled hair was equally suggestive.


Descended from the Eastern Cape Khoisan and the nomadic San, Saartjie’s ancestors are now understood to have been the world’s first peoples.

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In essy terms, abolition made the difference between slavery and servitude a question of self-possession, not escape from economic poverty.

Times change, but both the exhibition and biography, like the current commemorations of slavery, prompt us to reflect on ways of remembering atrocity. Unfortunately, no record of her original name exists and she is better known by her epithet, the Hottentot Venus’, to her contemporaries, present-day historians, and political activists. When Saartjie’s remains were brought back to South Africa in she was hailed as a national heroine. She was smuggled from Cape Town to London in to be exhibited in Piccadilly under the mocking title “Hottentot Venus” as a freak of nature, owing to her very esasy to European eyes bum.

Claiming right of possession to Saartjie’s remains and honouring her as a heroic national ancestor was the first act of international cultural reparation made on behalf of free South Africa. He called on both the university and wider community to go to the exhibition.

sarah baartman essay

After her death, Cuvier warah her body, and displayed her remains. He adds she was adept at playing the jew’s harp[23] could dance according to the traditions of her country, and had a lively personality. Hopefully, a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, timed to coincide with the th anniversary of the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act, will begin to challenge the omission of Saartjie and recognise her influence on British baxrtman.

Sarah Baartman Essay

Scholars argue that year-old remains should be classified as ordinary artifacts, and tools for research, and that there is no need saarah attach emotions to them. But Saartjie was homesick, frequently ill and had begun to drink. The reason Baartman’s tale is so famous may be that she was the first Khoikhoi to be taken from her homeland.


Notify me of new comments via email. Zachary Macaulay led the protest. Her family were Khoekhoens ‘Hottentots’, to the Europeanspart of the Khoisan people, along with the San or so-called ‘Bushmen’.

Together with finely executed lithographs, which made a woman under five feet tall look like a giantess, these gruesome remains endowed the “Hottentot Venus” with an afterlife of abuse. It is an important and necessary contribution to zarah existing discourse on Sara Baartman’s impact on contemporary ideas of race, sexuality and the European conception of primitivity.

Who was Saartjie Baartman?

sarah baartman essay

This is one of the details that attract the attention of the viewer. Brigitte Mabandla, deputy minister of culture, pointed out that: Rachel Holmes’s engaged and engaging srah seeks to disentangle the real woman from this web of interpretations. As someone of Khoisan descent she could not be formally enslaved [ citation needed ]but probably lived in esssay similar to those of slaves in Cape Town.

Nelson Mandela asked the French authorities for the restitution of her remains. The slave trade in the British Empire had just ended ina year before the U. He thought her small ears were similar to those of an orangutan and also compared her vivacity, when alive, to the quickness of a monkey.

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