Save the muscle with identifiable notation, such as “Muscle Fatigue – Woman 1 – total time s. As an emergency action, I could replace the ruler if it breaks. The aerobic system cannot be used immediately in exercise this is because: Much less energy is released during anaerobic respiration than during aerobic respiration. Aspects of Muscle Fatigue. Reference 3 What Is Anaerobic respiration? Your practical work to develop your skills and understanding may have included the following:

It kicks in when the body gets used to the new demand put upon it. We’d recommend at fatigue 10 people cover letter for optician job each science group, but if you are facing time constraints, you can do fewer. It can be summarised by this equation: When this happens, they use anaerobic respiration to obtain energy. While still holding down right click, look at the RMS value and write it down. Doctors and researchers have conducted a number of studies to learn how and why muscles get tired or fail to function normally, as muscle fatigue is recognized as a physical issue which can be very angerous for patients.

Reference 4 What Is Oxygen Debt? Experimental Procedure For our examples we will be recording using the Backyard Brains app.

science coursework muscle fatigue

Help Center Find new research papers in: It does this by keeping oxygen consumption higher then it normally would at rest, this is called oxygen debt. The color of a leaf comes from coursework, the sckence pigment in the coursework. Open up your first recording, zoom all the way out; we’re going to be measuring from the first and last five seconds of the recording: Muscle fatigue occurs when the muscles cannot exert normal force, or when more effort than normal is required to achieve a desired level of force.


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There is a medium risk of this happening. By doing this interview, the researcher discovered the causes, effects, and solutions to the problem of poor production in the farming community of top hill St. Suggest and explain possible reasons for any similarities and differences.

Know that one cause of muscle fatigue is the build-up of lactic acid in the muscles. Skip to main content. Conclusion From my investigation I found that as sciencf BPM increases, the number of muscle contractions decreases as the intensity became too great for me to keep up xcience the metronome.

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The source of energy that is used to power the movement of contraction in working muscles is adenosine triphosphate ATP — the mjscle biochemical way to store and transport energy. Explanation of hypothesis I think that sprinters can only run for a short time because their muscles contract and relax quickly which means they build up lactic acid and oxygen debt happens quickly because not enough oxygen is getting to their muscles to break down the lactic acid during anaerobic respiration.

science coursework muscle fatigue

Long distance runners use altitude training at high altitudes because the air is thinner there are fewer oxygen molecules per volume of air and every breath taken at a high altitude delivers less of what working muscles require. The results of my experiment were accurate because all of my points were close to the line of best fit. Because of this, they do not need to maintain aerobic respiration for long periods of time. Your practical work to develop your skills and understanding may have included the following: Before you hook up a subject you have a couple of decisions to make: It typically takes at least three weeks for your body to acclimate to high altitude, although improvements will continue for six months or more.


This is the amount of oxygen needed to oxidise lactic acid to carbon dioxide and water. The soil in which crops are grown 2. However, the leaves are the major site of photosynthesis for most plants. My results do support my hypothesis because every time the intensity of the exercise increased as I increased the bpmmuscle fatigue set in quicker.

Science Coursework

Homelessness and Social Policy. The graph has a negative correlation.

Anaerobic respiration produces an oxygen debt. We’ll be measuring from the forearm while having the subject attempt to grip an object for as long as possible, but you can choose your own methodology here when you perform the experiment yourself! Minimising errors I will minimise errors by: So once muscle contraction starts, the making of more ATP must start quickly.

This is due to muscle fatigue occurring with a repetitive use of a voluntary muscle. The waste product is lactic cid rather than carbon dioxide and water: I think I have managed the risks well because I have not injured myself during the experiment as the peg and ruler did not break and I have not sprained an arm muscle.

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