Food, Fibre, Fertiliser, Fuel and other Resources. The SETAC Europe Annual Meeting in in Helsinki will be the number one meeting place where scientists from various disciplines and sectors Academia, Business, Government and NGOs will find new opportunities to present, to debate and disseminate the most recent scientific knowledge, developments and applications for: Environmental chemistry and exposure assessment: Click here to sign up. The symposium brings together experts to share and discuss case studies and the application of LCA linked to primary and secondary resources. This year a new concept for poster sessions will be put in place: Contact Us Legal Info.

This event gathers researchers, practitioners, policymakers and experts from academia, business, governmental and non-governmental organisations as well as PhD students from across Europe. This website uses both functional and non-functional cookies. Support us with your donation. Our mission is to support the development of principles and practices for protection, enhancement and management of sustainable environmental quality and ecosystem integrity. Have a look at the track descriptions before submitting your session proposal: Arrivederci Roma — Hei Helsinki.

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setac europe lca case study symposium

It is a member of CESAER, has nine The last session focused on the simplified approaches— faculties, and delivers education to some 20, students, sectoral approaches—and included the case studies from studying on 24 fields of study.

The poster and platform presentations are now available onl ine! Access restricted to registered attendees and members!

Volume 19 Issue 11

We want to give our special thanks to all of SETAC staff who supported us so patiently throughout the last year as well as our sponsors, whose support was instrumental for the success of the event. Life Cycle Assessment of the Brazilian diesel consumption: SETAC is a not-for-profit, worldwide professional organization cass of more than 6, individuals and institutions in l00 countries dedicated to the study, analysis and solution of environmental problems, the management and regulation of natural resources, research and development, and environmental education.


We welcomed more than participants in Vienna, who could choose between 18 sessions with 84 platform presentations running specifically in two or three tracks. The Role of LCA in [ By continuing to use this site you are agreeing to our use of this technology. Arrivederci Roma — Hei Helsinki.

setac europe lca case study symposium

We are very grateful for the nice feedback we have received from many participants and sthdy happy to have had the opportunity to be part of this important conference series. Founded at the turn of the eighth century, by the the theme of the meeting: LCA was also presented as a valuable tool for assessment of technological solutions for obtaining products energy, water from waste materials.

Presentations will be available until 27 March Environmental chemistry and exposure assessment: Reply on Twitter Retweet stury Twitter 1 Like on Twitter 10 Twitter The very interesting approach concerning the creation of a web tool for consumers to assess the environmental impacts of Fig.

LCA Budapest :: Welcome!

New Zealand developing carbon footprinting guidelines We hope that the visit in Poland for some participants— for forestry industryHungary the combined environ- as we have heard—for the first sympposium was pleasant and ment—cost analysis of an innovative solar spot systemand fruitful and all enjoyed the Euurope traditions, cuisine, and Poland LCA of energy technologies in Polish energy warm, friendly vibes, despite the cold winter weather sector—clean coal technologies. Scientific case studies can inform and facilitate the societal changes that are needed to alleviate pressing threats, such as concerns with regards to climate change.

Have a look at the track descriptions before submitting your session proposal: The major eurlpe of sport, with world famous regatta course second main area—resources—mainly focused on natural Malta, on the lake located near the city center.


The FSLCI is a multi-stakeholder and membership-based community organization for professionals working in business, science and policy organizations who are interested in and working with Life Cycle approaches to enhance the sustainability of economic activities.

You must login to indicate your participation status for this event Login Now. Posters will be produced, reviewed and presented electronically; symposium participants can view posters in advance of the symposium and choose by prioritised web-reservation which posting presenters they wish to interact with during the posting sessions cse takes place each day during the lunch break.

By organizing the 16th the case studies setc this symposium was organized in Case Studies Symposium in Poland, we would like to highlight one of the Central and Eastern European countries and in the research results of studies coming from this region and to our beautiful town. Time may 26 Sunday – 30 Thursday. caae

During the two seminar days, we enjoyed 33 oral presentations and 16 symposiumm, grouped into seven sessions. The main attention was paid on waste treatment, especially waste water treatment and comparison of possibil- ity of obtaining water from different sources, e. The scientific programme consists of 7 tracks eudope parallel sessions. Ohio Valley Chapter Meets in Louisville. International Panel for Sustainable and to stimulate a stepwise improvement across the company, Resource Management, the environmental impacts of gold Fig.

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