The subject was seen for 13 visits over nine weeks. To accomplish this, therapists sought to establish basic functional movement patterns which serve as the foundation for higher movement skills such as weight lifting and soccer. Prognosis The subject was a good candidate for PT due to his age, active lifestyle and motivation. This core control exercise progression not only benefits gymnasts, but many fitness athletes would see quick improvements in their performance and injury prevention if they took a small step back to master fundamental movements. J Can Chiropr Assoc. Page 7 of 7.

The patient reached the long term goal of a 14 or higher with no 1’s, 0’s or asymmetries. Based on SFMA and special test findings of decreased mobility in the hips, thoracic spine and shoulder girdle, therapists hypothesized that the lumbar spine was moving excessively as compensation for this lack of motion. Human movement is a collaborative effort of muscle groups that are interdependent; the use of a movement-based assessment model can help identify weak links affecting overall function. Excessive anterior pelvic tilt remained during gait analysis but gait was otherwise unremarkable. She specifies she will require assistance putting figures in a “coherent way”. Top-tier movements and breakout tests are graded with 4 possible notations based on subjective assessment: J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil.

sfma case study 2016

These gains were maintained for all subsequent visits and srudy exercises were progressed as previously described. Find More Posts by davindub. Two surprising sets of athletes that I see lacking core control are CrossFit athletes and gymnasts.

CAP 2 SFMA CAse Study / –

Once the subject could consistently perform these activities with a stabile pelvis, and without excessive lumbar extension, he was progressed to powerlifting with a barbell and finally to sport-specific training for soccer. Rx Day 12 DN: Patient rotates the head as far as possible, then flexes the neck moving chin to collarbone. Anyone else pick up anything from the share pricing etc?


sfma case study 2016

Based on clinical experience the therapists believed attempting exercises with limited range would also result in altered movement patterns. We are featuring a post from Dr. The effects seen after gains in mobility further supports the previously noted relationship between hip ROM caxe and LBP.

CAP 2 SFMA CAse Study / – Page 7 –

The subject of this case report showed significant improvements in pain exceeding MCIDROM based on special tests and movement patternsstrength, and subjective motor control, achieving his long-term goal of a full pain-free return to weight lifting and soccer Table 2.

Typical of case reports, the single subject design limits the relevance of these results when considering similar patients. Norli; Minneapolis, Minnesota; [ Google Scholar ]. Initially the therapists focused caxe restoring multi-segmental patterns for flexion and extension as these were most limited.

sfma case study 2016

Can serious injury in professional football be predicted by a preseason Functional Movement Screen? Affect, Cognition, Learning Style, Communication.

The subject demonstrated improved form with deadlifting, with control of his pelvis and decreased lumbar lordosis.

He was limited in multi-segmental patterns including flexion, extension, and rotationcervical and upper extremity UE patterns as well as ability to perform a deep squat.

Reliability limits of the Modified Thomas Test for assessing rectus femoris muscle flexibility about the knee joint. Manual Mobilization of the Joints: Any significance given to ex-dividend normally you would take the ex-dividend price as being discounted by the amount of the dividend announced?


This core control exercise progression not only benefits gymnasts, but many fitness athletes would see quick improvements in their performance and injury afma if they took a small step back to master fundamental movements. Volume II, The Spine. Despite the multidirectional quality of human movement, common measurement procedures used in physical therapy examination are often uni-planar and lack the ability to assess functional complexities involved in daily activities.

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The movement giving him the most problem was a back uprise which as you can see in the following video requires lots of core control if performed with optimal technique. On Casf Publications; Based on findings from the examination, therapists determined the subject’s primary PT diagnosis was impaired muscle performance pattern 4C due to chronic musculoskeletal dysfunction as well as a secondary diagnosis of impaired posture pattern 4B.

The Need for Regressed Core Training in Athletes – A Gymnastics Case Study

Any additional movements deemed to be compensation outside the specified movement pattern casw graded as dysfunctional. Appendix C shows all procedural interventions and progressions performed during each visit. J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil. High velocity manipulation of T-spine in prone T2—T8. All special tests and measures were performed according to O’Sullivan and Magee.

Stand erect with feet together and shoes off, toes pointing forward. J Can Chiropr Assoc.

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