The purpose to start to celebrate the army day is to give He was asked to defend this new doctrine at a public meeting in Kashi. In addition to discouraging idolatry in Hinduism, [19] he was also against what he considered to be the corruption of the true and pure faith in his own country. Natarajan worked as a journalist for the weekly magazine Dharmika Hindu run by T. These included traditions such as idol worship, caste by birth and the exclusion of females from the study of the Vedas. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Hence it cannot be believed in”.

He is famous by this name in the world. He was born on 12th February, A powerful religious and social reform movement in northern Indian was started by Swami Dayanand Saraswati. He totally initiated in the Sannyasa, and he has incurred under the Swami Purnananda after that he became the Swami Dayanand Saraswati at the age of twenty-four years old. He argues that all of these practices run contrary to good sense and the wisdom of the Vedas. Retrieved from ” https: To fulfill the mission of his life, he founded Arya Samaj at Bombay on 10th April, and passed the rest of his life in establishing Arya Samaj branches at different places. Retrieved 9 October

His debates were attended by relatively large crowd of the public.

Retrieved from ” https: He argues that all of these practices run contrary to good sense and the wisdom of the Vedas. It set Dayanand thinking. But Swami Dayanand was a bold and fearless man. A Study of His Life and Work. He raised his voice against idol-worship.

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Dayananda Sarasvati promised Virajanand that he would devote his life to restoring the rightful place of the Vedas in the Hindu faith. He challenged many of the Hindu orthodoxies if they could justify their belief in the aforementioned practices.


The Arya Samaj was the great institution, where cultural and national pride done among the people. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Dayanand Saraswati is noted to have thoroughly studied religions other than Hinduism, including IslamBuddhismJainismChristianitySikhismand others. He esay a patriot and a social reformer.

short essay on swami dayanand saraswati

The Swami Dayanand Saraswati life was some similar from the life of Buddha-like he became the Buddha from Gautam after witnessing four everyday scenes of life. He was a great soldier of light, a warrior in God’s world, a sculptor of men and institution.

Short essay on swami dayananda saraswati

He was a sanyasi ascetic from boyhood, and a scholar. God is existent, intelligent and blissful. He gets inspiration from Veda because Veda is rock-bed of Hindu culture and infallible. He swamii these religions in the chapters of his book Satyarth Prakashthough his analysis seemed critical.

The first five principles speak of Truth, while the last five speak of a society with nobility, civics, co-living, and disciplined life. He slammed the successors of Nanaka as having “invented fictitious stories”, although he also recognized Guru Gobind Singh to “indeed a very brave man”.

Therefore, when a marriage was arranged for him, he left home and adopted the life of an ascetic. His next step was to reform Hinduism with a new dedication to God.

Short essay on swami dayananda saraswati

Edsay the age of fourteen years old, he was kept the fast in the festival of Shivratri Day with the other members of the family because he also believed in the religious after getting the inspiration from his father. Swami Dayanand most significant contribution has given for make the Gurukuls of college girls.


short essay on swami dayanand saraswati

He was given the swami of Maharishi and is considered as one of the Makers of Modern India. On one of these fasts, he ehort a mouse eating the offerings and running over the idol’s body.

He was respected at the time for taking parts in religious debates. Lionel messi essay will try my discussion begins with sep 8. He condemned the worship of Gods and Goddesses and preached that only the Supreme Being should be worshipped.

For instance, he preached that Hindus should worship just one, formless, God. On his deathbed, Dayananda forgave him, and gave him a bag of money, telling him to flee the kingdom before he was found and executed by the Maharaja’s men.

Rammohun Roy, Dayananda Sarasvati and nineteenth-century polemics against idolatry. Agatha christie and all information about social inequalities and profiles of the indian instrumental music, languages. Young Mool Shankar was much above the mundane.

Otherwise, according to Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Guru Nanak wouldn’t be mistaken with words such as wrongly using “nirbho” in place of “nirbhaya”. What according to sanskrit conversation authored more than 70 works of the first of important events in a religious leaders, don t forget them.

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