Download the SSL certificate and install it using the instructions obtained in step 1. Details on how to use the service and how to get the App are also on the School Gateway website. You can drag, drop, copy and paste your files into this drive and then access them using the Office website or the Painsley VLE using any computer that has Internet access. School Gateway is a website or mobile device App which can notify you at the end of the College day of any achievements that have been awarded to your child. See the FAQ below this one on how to use Office

Some applications which do not work well over Remote Desktop Services are not available. How do I login to MyMaths? You must now close and re-open the web browser on the device. You have to remember what your password is and use it on a daily basis. A guide can be found here. Choose file and select open, the file will then be uploaded to your school work area.

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It cannot have 3 or more of the same characters in consecutive order. Enter your email address and it will take you to another login box where you enter your email address in the username section and then enter your password in the box below.

Find the file on your home computer and drop it into the relevant folder in your work area. For more information click here.


This is the same code that was given to each student during their first emmaus time in Year 7. See the FAQ below this one on how to use Office This only needs to be done once. Example — aaa, It cannot be one of your last 2 passwords used. If done correctly the switch will go green.

Can I use a Memory Stick to save my Work? Download the correct installation instructions for your system. Please download the Office guide for Staff. After you log into the site you will then be able to see what homework has been set for your child. Click the Outlook icon for emails.

With Office 3: Existing users of show my homework can do the same if they wish.

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With software installed on your home computer 2: In the pop-up box select launch application. You need to associate your College Office account details with your Foldr login to do so. Choose file and select open.

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Please download the Office guide for Students. If the document is to be sent via email, DO NOT send the password in the same email as the encrypted document.

Once the steps above have been completed and you want to connect to the college WiFi, follow bomework instructions below:.

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Keep coursework files in your work area. How do I access my school email from home?


If you have a recent version of Microsoft Office installed on your home computer, Office service pack 2 and above then you painspey work on a copy of your College Office documents on your own computer. Foldr can now unify your work area, College network shares and Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage space in one interface.

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Details on how to use the service and how to get the App are also on the School Gateway website. This will be similar for all office programmes. How do I transfer files from home to m How do I use Show my Homework? From your computer at home, go to www. Other software packages like OpenOffice or LibreOffice will also work for simple documents but not all the more advanced features of Microsoft Office are supported by these other Office programs so more complex MS Office documents may not work fully in College.

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