Because the Sky X multicast fanout process is transparent to the end devices , any machine can originate or receive the multicast transfer regardless of operating system and without requiring the installation of any specialized multicast software. Integrated on-the-fly data compression functionality, offering lossless compression ratios of up to 5: Combinations of the criteria are supported, enabling more targeted monitoring and control. Sky X Multicast Fan-Out. Monitor response time for each application.

The figure below shows the measured throughput on an error-free, 10 Mbps link. SkyX Accelerator technology overcomes latency effect on TCP over high-bandwidth links by using bandwidth much more efficiently and improving replication performance over high capacity data center-to-data center links. Response times improve dramatically with enhanced HTTP performance. These factors, combined with backchannel bandwidth typically much smaller than that available on the forward channel , reduce the effectiveness of TCP which is optimized for short hops over low-loss cables or fiber. Replication sessions complete up to times faster and are not subject to the stalls and session drops associated with packet loss. Please see the PacketShaper Data Sheet for a list of applications.

Without performance enhancement, a default window size of 8 KB limits TCP throughput to less than Kbps over satellite. Newer Post Older Post Home. XTP is an open standard developed by the XTP Forum, a non-profit organization composed of networking protocol researchers, implementers, and user organization.

The performance benefits of the sky X gateway depend on many factors including the bandwidthdelay, asymmetry and bit error rate of the linkthe number of simultaneous connections, the compressibility of papfr data and the behavior of the application itself. Users should expect similar results for any large, single- connection data transfer.

Computer Science (CSE) Seminar Topic on Sky X Technology

Sky X gateway can also simulate link speed bit error rate and delay conditions of the existing system on the sky X gateway test network. Enjoy faster database connectivity, Web and remote-access applications while maintaining full TCP reliability and end-to-end flow control.

Because there is only a single path over the satellite with no intermediate routing, any gaps in the packet sequence can be assumed to be data loss due to corruption rather than network congestion. Fast Start saves one full round trip time for each new web connection by reducing the handshaking required to establish each new HTTP connection. The sky X client is ideal for use with any satellite receiver card or set —top box.


Sky X gateway overcomes this limitation, taking full advantage of the available bandwidth regardless of the window size of the client or server. The system supports link speeds ranging form 2 – 45 Mbps.

In addition to the multicast benefits themselves, the Sky X gateway includes on-the-fly data compression which further increases transfer speeds for compressible data by up to 5 times.

skyx technology research paper

The Sky X Protocol utilizes a highly efficient selective retransmission algorithm for the acknowledgment of data. This architecture maintains full TCP reliability and end-to-end flow control.

The Sky X FTP multicast facility is designed to provide multicast fan-out functionality tailored specifically for use with FTP, combining the power of multicasting with the convenience of the well-known gechnology ubiquitous FTP utility. The following file transfer tests illustrate the benefits of Sky X performance enhancement for different windows sizes, link band-widths, round-trip times, and bit error tecynology.

Computer Science (CSE) Seminar Topic on Sky X Technology

But the satellite conditions adversely interact with a number of elements of the TCP architectureincluding it s window sizing, congestion avoidance algorithms, and data acknowledgment mechanisms, which contribute to severely constrict the data throughput that can be achieved over satellite links.

OCR is an optical character recognition and This process is both time consuming and wastes much of the bandwidth resources.

skyx technology research paper

The RoHS directive, designed to provide environmental safeguards eliminating the use of toxic materials, applies to electrical and electronic products and their components offered for sale in the EU after July 1, However the internet protocols are not optimized for satellite conditions and consequently the throughput over the satellite networks is restricted to only a fraction of available bandwidth.


Satellites are attractive option for carrying internet and other IP traffic to many locations across the globe where terrestrial options are limited or [censored] prohibitive.

However, over satellite links, TCP misinterprets the long round-trip time and bit errors as congestion and responds inappropriately. Determine how much bandwidth is wasted from retransmissions.

skyx technology research paper

In contrast, multicast technology makes it possible for multiple recipients to receive a single data stream. Connections from applications running on the PC are intercepted and sent over the satellite using Sky X protocol.

All forward-looking statements included in this press release are based upon information available to Packeteer as of the date hereof. Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, which could cause actual results to differ materially from those projected. The Sky X Protocol dynamically adjusts the window size based on the link bandwidthdelay, and number of simultaneous connections to optimize utilization of the bandwidth.

When the window becomes full, the sender stops transmitting until it receives new acknowledgement. The figure below shows the measured throughput on an error-free, 10 Mbps link.

SKY X TECHNOLOGY abstract with full paper and ppt ~ software info and opensource related updates

By taking advantage of reliable multicast functionality built directly into XTP, the open-standard transport- layer protocol used by the Sky X Gateway to transfer data over the WAN link pa;er, the Sky Technplogy Gateway provides fast, efficient, fully reliable multicast file transfers.

No changes are required to the client or server and all applications continue to function without modification. Combined with data compression and Web-specific enhancements, the Sky X system provides maximum performance under the long latency, high loss, and asymmetric bandwidth conditions typical of satellite communications.

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