It was a zoo. Chase himself is not doing this, our present author is. But that simply was not the shot we were in at the moment the blackout took place. One compromise that could have resolved everything and satisfied everyone was for the show to end exactly the way it did with the 10 second black out after Tony looked up. Tony HAD to be the last image we see because this show begins and ends with him.

I stumbled onto your analysis last night, and was mesmermized by the detail. With those members all gone, how many rich avenues and great moments has Chase denied himself the opportunity to work with in a continuing saga? She blamed Tony for putting her in the nursing home. Ignore the danger behind you. The piece was thought-provoking and much appreciated as we have been analysing the Sopranos for nearly a year! It had to be planted behind the toilet. In my mind, as he sat down in Holstens that night, his stint in hell was starting whether his brains got splattered into his onion rings or he wolfed down a fantastically greasy burger and left to spend a quiet night with his family in his McMansion on the hill.

For this reason some of those operas have later never been staged and were forgotten since there was no more that ingenious artist to “carry” the performance.

sopranos ending dissertation

The movie would pick up sometime after he recovers from this fainting episode. However, once I began reading disserttation thematic explanations, it strung together instantly. We will mainly focus on the reactions of these characters to the amoral behaviors of the antiheroes. Absolutely fantastic piece of work, MOS, you have totally changed my opinion of the ending and just made me want to watch all 86 episodes again.


The directing and editing in the scene emphatically establish that Tony is not paying enough attention.

The Sopranos

So there was no reason to end the show like this. What slpranos Chase had never commented at all? We are clearly not sharing his mental space. One of his few remaining capos, Carlo, had already started cooperating with the Feds, which left him with nothing more than the dunderheaded Patsy and… well….

A series final that cuts to black without any ending music simply means that the series is over. I suppose his change in snding going from taking a bus to accepting the BMW from his parents is an indication that he is selling out his own ideas and aspirations. There followed permanent engagements in leading opera houses in Germany and in Austria: Please sign in with Facebook or Google below: The thee of them, Carmella, AJ then Tony all take an onion ring and eat it soranos, in that order.

sopranos ending dissertation

The cat laying in front of the store while Paulie is sunning. This strategy is surely deeply flawed. Diwsertation also find it ironic that AJ and Meadow have both returned to the nest. This is the best explanation for the sopranos ending ever!!!!!

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The movie appears to be from a little internet research a somewhat controversial in its time ,violent, rock and roll, gangster and experimental European art film with Mick Jagger in the lead. He knows he would be exposed as a sell-out because he created such a strong Tony dies interpretation.


Thanks for a great read tho. Immaculately done by Chase, the final sequence does unquestionably leave Tony dead, but it also leaves the viewer without an immediately blatant conclusion. The reason why the Sopranos was so successful and so popular was that it was entertaining to such a wide array of people.

And that last sentence can pretty neatly be applied to the many varied interpretations of what exactly happened in the conclusion of the Sopranos. Thank you for this exhaustive analysis. One problem I have with it is during one of the dream scenes, with Tony and his cousin Tony. Someone may seek revenge at anytime.

Again, I was restrained in this regard as well.

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Remember when Jerry Toricano was killed? You can send me an e-mail if you want to know more.

After all, Tony would have died after the bullet was fired. The whole point of the show, in my opinion, was to get the viewer to look at themselves.

sopranos ending dissertation

Finally, there is a full shot of MOG getting up to go the bathroom. Again there is reason for TS to be killed, but there always has been. This is a matter of basic respect. I never even considered the deep analysis of the sopranos and there were soprsnos things I never would have even thought of that you outlined here.

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