It has always been Before my research and thought regarding the subject, I was unhappy with the fact that weighted classes were completely excluded. Parents and teachers should make students aware that learning occurs at home, school, and in the world around them. Sorry, but further commenting on this topic has been closed. Lily joined the Tribune because she enjoys writing. Board member Ken Mintz said he wanted to make sure to avoid “overly limiting” students’ ability to work on certain projects at home.

The amount of homework assigned to students should be different in elementary, middle, and high school. During the school year, a new homework policy was implemented, limiting the amount of homework students could be given on school nights, weekends and breaks. The revised policy states that a high school student in the district should not receive more than 30 minutes of homework per course per night, or two hours per course per week. Check out the draft homework policy on the district website. Nightly elementary school limits would depend on grade level, with no more than 30 minutes for kindergarten and first grade, no more than 45 minutes for second and third grades, and no more than an hour for fourth- and fifth-graders. Though communication within a high school setting is challenging due to larger numbers of students, staff, and course offerings, staff should make efforts whenever possible to be aware of homework, projects, and testing schedules across the curriculum.

There is a posting by “Shelley” and I want to clarify that they are seperate communications from myself, “Shelley B. Students are responsible for: Chip Shabazian, the lone parent who spoke to the board, asked whether the revised regulation was enforceable or merely discretionary. For each grade level, the amount of time that students shall be expected to spend on homework. This district revised the homewoork policy following extensive research.


How best to help their children 4. Again, that needs to come srvud in deeper conversations,” she said.

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These courses are based on college classes and if the student in an AP class gets a 4 on the test, they receive college credit ho,ework it, so of course there is going to be a lot of work!!!! Maybe you have a lot of plans full of travel and adventure. Homework should be the result of collaborative efforts, thoughtfully considered, and coordinated to improve student learning.

Time spent on homework should be balanced with the importance of personal and family well-being, and the wide array of family obligations experienced in our society today. Board member Rachel Hurd, who sat on the revision committee, said AP-specific guidelines should be developed separately from the overall homework policy overhaul.

srvusd homework policy

K students will participate in homework that is meaningful, purposeful, and appropriate. We are urging the board to allow public input and interaction before the proposal is taken to the Union and before the board takes a vote. If you want a picture to show with your comment, go get a gravatar.

Some portions of projects may be assigned as homework; however, these tasks should not require group participation, significant assistance from parents or costly materials. Before my research and thought regarding the subject, I was unhappy with the fact that weighted classes were completely excluded.

Not surprisingly, most of the polled teachers believed that the homework they assigned was reasonable and worthwhile. The amount of homework assigned to students should be different in elementary, middle, and high school. This is just the Board’s way of preparing us for the change they are hoping to make in the current school calendar.

srvusd homework policy

Education Code cf. Weighted classes, however, were excepted from the policy and thus have no limitations regarding homework volume. Students in the San Ramon Valley now compete with international students for admission to US colleges.


Thu, Jun 4, Project based assignments should primarily be undertaken and completed in the classroom. There were about a dozen audience members in the room by the time the discussion began, just after 9: We pay taxes to supplement international students’ education.

District officials plan to bring the final revised administrative regulation to the school board on June 23 for an approval vote, according to Jennison. The board is expected to consider final action on the revised policy later this month, according to board president Denise Jennison. They had no time for reflection or informal creativity. A 14 year old student with a 28 year old mother who did not graduate from high school will need a different kind of strategy. The Grade Level Guidelines of this policy are based on the needs of the average student.

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The committee supported this ban primarily for safety reasons, Hurd said. If it is too much for them, just don’t sign the form for your student to take them. And while I, along with most other AP and honors students, was not happy at the thought hmoework spending my free time doing work, I believe that this system really is the best for all students.

Except for reading, homework at the elementary level should not be assigned over ho,ework, holidays, or extended school breaks.

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