Hence the intellectual standards were Table 3. For a deeper understanding of intellectual standards and their relationship with critical thinking, see the Thinker’s Guide to Intellectual Standards. Significance focusing on the important, not trivial Is this the most important problem to consider? Your analysis and conclusions can be viewed and printed in a report form when you have completed your analysis. If no more details could be added, then it has Precision. Owing to these perceptual changes, If the thinking is reliable, then it has Accuracy.

Comprehension performance increased across all the students by 9. Students were given tasks to develop this standard of critical thinking in such a way that situational perspectives in line with the idea of the text were pivots of the practice. Basically critical reading goes beyond a mere comprehension of ideas and ideologies conveyed through texts. Data were finally collected using questionnaire and standardized critical reading tests. At the foundation practice of critical reading are questioning strategies that are contributory to comprehend general ideas and particular points addressed in a text Siegel etal, There are nine Intellectual Standards we use to assess thinking:

We tend to favor decisions and ideas that favor us, put our own group over other groups. Data were collected from undergraduate EFL through questionnaire and tests, and was analysed descriptively and inferentially. By Maria Cequena and Joeseph Velasquez. It was just about Mixed research design was employed to collect and analyze data from 72 English language undergraduate students through questionnaire and tests.


standards of critical thinking nosich

Many others, however, trouble to look into the ideas implied at various surfaces of the text. The activities in the course were properly designed infusing intellectual standards of critical thinking. How could we check that? Could you express that point in another way? The students were first asked to assess their actual practice in reading texts critically.

Investigations done so far over the relevance of evidences will also help students develop themselves to the next level of comprehension ability.

standards of critical thinking nosich

Since we naturally see ourselves as fair even when we are unfair, this can be very difficult. Criticality in reading is also extended to viewing a text, its features and the ideology imbedded from different perspectives.

What are some of the complexities of this question? The practice of the majority of the students Search for information that opposes your position as well as information that supports it.

Moreover, the practice of implementing intellectual standards of thinking was significantly affecting reading instruction and fhinking critical reading performance of students. They were seen enhancing their evaluative skills so as to make judgments on the appropriateness of evidences owing to the introduction and intervention of intellectual standards.

Monographs on Teaching Critical Thinking, Number 1.

standards of critical thinking nosich

Students troubled to understand texts critically and many of them remain incapable readers when they graduate. Staneards this the central idea to focus on?


Universal Intellectual Standards

Am I sympathetically representing the viewpoints of others? Critical reading requires viewing the argument the author formulated from other perspectives. How could we verify or test that?

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The Intellectual Standards

The ultimate goal, then, is for these questions to become infused in the thinking of students, forming part of their inner voice, which then guides them to better and better reasoning. Nevertheless, it lacks depth because it treats an extremely complex issue, the pervasive problem of drug use among young people, superficially.

How does that follow? Accuracy makes sure that all information is correct and free from error. On this page we introduce the analysis and assessment of reasoning.

Elements and Standards Learning Tool

Teaching critical reading particularly applies the standards and elements of critical thinking. The rationality of the argument, the significance of the text in general and the fairness of conclusions are pivotal dimensions to reflect over the idea map the author draws. The notion here aligns to produce ingenious citizens who are reflective, creative and critical thinkers.

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