It is made blatant that Dale is not included. This medium thus allows more scope for representations to be constructed, spaces to be altered, and thus greater mechanism for socio-cultural commentary or questioning. Have any dynamics, rhythm and pace been used to depict gender? Lauren becomes more empowered because of her loving relationship with Jordi in SF. In this piece, Wendy Houstoun asks Nigel Charnock to fly; she wants Dale Tanner to be able to stand in a handstand for longer than is possible; she expects things, and there is a large sense of control and manipulation of people to get her desired reactions.

In this reading of the work, Vivian starts off as being subordinate to Eddy, but then develops strength of character and is empowered through her experiences, resulting in her standing up to Eddy and leaving him. This childlike behaviour highlights their naivety and also may allude to a pretence of innocence. In this instance historical situations are placed in current context via the story-telling researcher who provides ‘cultural interpretations’. I would suggest that there are two particular instances where it does not; when the performer alters or changes under that gaze, and when the relationship with the audience is dynamic. In interview, Newson also mentions that two people he had known had committed suicide in the 18 months prior to the piece being performed. Another example is a scene that takes place in a narrow confines of an old hallway made claustrophobic by the stuffy orange hues and lighting, but at the same time we see a wonderful use of space in the duet in which the couple move in, around and off one another including the wall. In both cases their behaviour seems to relate to their insecurities and desperate need for power.

Time There is a single frame of reference to time in SF, and there is no indication of measured time passing due to the lack of natural light and other indicators of passing days. How do these relate to the previous questions?


This disillusionment originated from his observations of seeing conservatism coming back into dance.

Incessant – Physical Theatre: How Has DV8 Evolved

Wendy is the most powerful character in this scene because she is the voyeur and onlooker; this is also shown by her unusual behaviour and positions in relation to Diana. It’s almost like display. Perhaps this shows his work as reflecting his own frustrations and experiences and therefore having autobiographic content. What effect would this have on the work?

Has this changed over time, or remained constant? Notable contributions at this time also came from; Claid, Aggiss and Anderson.

Wendy comes between the characters and uses blocking movements and gaze to direct Kate. It is an excellent choice in this particular scene. Advanced Search Find a Library. Their body language at the bar suggests a sexual interest. This frailty is further emphasized by the lighting on her bony ribcage.


Your list has reached the maximum number of items. One can sense her aloneness made all the sttrange acute by the distance between her and the couple. Nigel weakens his character by being quite twitchy.

strange fish dv8 essay

It is interesting to note that in both pieces it is male characters who show signs of hysteria, which typically occurs with women. Cost of Living Analysis Hysteria is where one person suffers on behalf of a group of people, and acts out all of the parts.

Interview: Dance & Dancers

After which it would be necessary to reframe the analysis using several contextual discipline based approaches. And the example that is stated is the Adshead et al version. Only SF makes use of suspense, and this heightens the sense of fear and is reminiscent of techniques used in horror films.

Bench-is the burden that connects people and isolates others, that can lead to entrapment. The perceptive relationships that arise from the use of film are threefold; the spectators’ look, the camera’s look, the characters look.


Although through the height of this cross, Melanie should occupy the position of most powerful, as she is stripped and vulnerable, this role is actually esay by Wendy. But I audition all over the world to find these dancers.


Wendy and Lauren try to stop her by throwing themselves under her feet, but this does not alter her dynamics or deter nor affect her linear path. Therefore any use of mimicry and its effectiveness, will have a direct bearing on both power relationships and identity. Gaze that is directed at the audience is only used in COL, which implicates and includes the audience in the performance and therefore crates a more politically powerful piece.

strange fish dv8 essay

The outcome of this connection may not be explicit, but in order to access possibilities for subversion and political agendas it is essential to study and deconstruct. This excludes the vast amount of damage that was clocked up as well as the inherent fear that must have prevailed at the time.

This low pay is referenced in the piece when Eddy makes a comment that they are being exploited and not even getting the minimum wage.

strange fish dv8 essay

But Dead Dreams sold all through Europe apart from France and Germany, ddv8 both admitted it was largely subject matter deterring them. Newson also explores the tyranny of couples and groups, and the pain that is experienced when people are ostracized from these social arrangements which is tied to a deep fear humans have of being left alone.

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