We were hoping my son would go to private school for high school because we wanted more focused attention and smaller class sizes. Guide your children toward the schools you think might be best and then let them make the choice. There are some amazing teachers at Bard. Microbe Hunters for Stuyvesant Summer Homework ? How the school deals with difficult situations: She chose Bard because she is very smart, creative and loves to write. The school is very small so all of the children are known to their teachers and nobody falls through the cracks.

My daughter certainly wasn’t. The school is wonderful. A couple other reviews complained of a lack of diversity. Sincerely, Stuyvesant High School Administration. Those kids who have booked themselves into a challenging program will NOT have enough time to do the more demanding academic courses justice. This book is a series of twelve stories about scientists and their explorations in pursuit of the little organisms that both help and harm humanity. Teachers all respond immediately by email if there are questions or concerns.

All of my daughters teachers so far have been excellent.

stuyvesant summer homework 2013

The space is tight and my son’s ninth grade class was over enrolled by 50 kids this year. Beacon is a highly social school with lots of social pressure. We had a problem with one teacher last year and spoke to the head of school about it.

What is the summer homework for Stuyvesant freshman 2012?

He stopped being challenged by senior year College office was extraordinary – answered emails at 11 pm, TOTALLY went the extra mile for my son Did your child use the school’s college office? I was a military researcher, a college professor, a consultant for the Department of Education in California, a school principal, and an elementary school teacher.


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Meeting the teacher individually will occur upon request. Microbe Hunters for Stuyvesant Summer Homework ? I haven’t had to deal with any difficult situations, so I can’t comment on that. On the one hand, there are high-achieving students who load themselves up with honors and AP courses.

I think that Bard is a very good school for the right type of kid those who are very mature, independent, academically competitive, and don’t mind spending all of their time studying. Pretty good, although atuyvesant fill up quickly due to the number of students in the school. Juniors fill out a comprehensive questionnaire and meet with the college office mid spring, junior year.

And the Principal is also very invested and involved with the kids. My daughter has taken mostly honors and AP classes which have challenged but not more than she could handle. The english teachers are extremely experienced and skilled at preparing the students for the type of work stuyvesqnt will encounter in college.

My daughter has a lot of say in what she studies and says she is learning more now than she did in her 2 years at Bard. Is there any zipline in the city of lahore?

Parents of NY Teens: High School Reviews

But that aside “Microbe Hunters” is one of those books with that don’t really grab your attention the first time you read it, it’s not like those cute puppies in the pet shop, they’re more of those angry drooling mutts with really serious faces, but if you read on, befriend this mutt, you can tame it.

Then he got into Beacon– this was his first choice. The College Transfer Office is extremely helpful at Bard and each year, starting in ninth grade, they hold an information meeting to let parents and students know what they should be thinking or doing about stuycesant searches and applications. It is a performance based assessment school, so the children are very active summmer their learning process. Freshman year homeworm a rude awakening, this year has been much better, and hoping that next year gets even better.


stuyvesant summer homework 2013

She absolutely loves this school. She went stiyvesant an easy straight A student in middle school to a C average student at Bard. They are available in the morning, during lunch and sometimes after school. Our daughter is very independent and has been able to deal with most situations on her own. I heard about two months ago in Camp Stuy Part 1 that there was summer homework that was supposed to be delivered in the mail?

The classes are quite homewlrk and move very quickly. After the Christmas break, the office gets very busy and some things hojework get backed up. There is a lot of help for those who are having trouble. The level of work is a lot but not unmanageable.

stuyvesant summer homework 2013

She has made great friends and thrives on the intellectual stimulation. We were hoping my son would go to private school for high school because we wanted more focused attention and smaller class sizes. The child has to be motivated to work very hard. Most of the teachers are good, some great, but sumner daughter certainly had her share of mediocre, inexperienced teachers.

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