Das video take away: Phat Expat I have tried only Lepanto and I thought it was very good, the bottle is also very nice I keep them. People particularly you older geezers: YOU “The point is that the paper gold portion of the gold market is where the price of gold is discovered, and it appears that gold trading as a FOREX currency is the largest portion of the paper gold market, by an order of magnitude even. Adding a comparison to your lifespan isn’t enough.

There can be no half measures. The problem is that we are mortal. Do you know what it would mean if gold were to never lose PP? This is the time that “limitnes” may come to play. The high level at which the game is played has not yet caused the expected inflation at street level that printing money would normally do, because the expansion is in abstract numbers, not notes in circulation. So there is no risk of poor choice when buying physical gold.

You think you know, AP, but you don’t.

Those are all unique assets and therefore vulnerable to poor individual choices, while every atom of physical gold is exactly the same. And I also agree with his arguments for his target price, which would apply to your theoretical question as well.

GrandBastardWhy is it so importantly to you to change our minds?

Barton Biggs: Weekend Gold Worm

The big move in miners could come after the revaluation as new projects are greenlighted. Those thesie follow the comments will note that Grumps claimed to discover via his own research that gold was a bad inflation hedge and posted his thoughts here as a revelation for us confused FOFOA cultists. Other key indicators guiding economic policy may be similarly flawed.

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If you are really interested in how the price of gold will behave in Freegold, forget about the inverse correlation between long-term real interest rates and the PPI index of nonferrous metals prices or the behavior of savers during a gold standard inflationary period, and take a look at the best-of-the-best real assets used by the truly wealthy for centuries.


It’s like a car crash. What was that quote again? You seem to infer that FG is a ‘decision’ – it is an organically occurring market reaction. Fear of collateral damage to financial assets has weighed on Fed thinking for several years. At this stage, all of the past demand for gold that was channeled into cash settled paper derivatives will suddenly reverse its trend.

Even if it used to settle BoP in trade, it’s PP will decline and rise as a function of trust in the financial system.

summers-barsky gold thesis

Simple is as simple does. I do wish you could stop being such a condescending fuckwit, but perhaps that is simply your nature and you do not have the will to change it. I remember someone pointing out that the state currencies and the euro ultimately directly impact peoples lives and will be defended with “whatever it takes”.

Since you rarely respond to anything anyone says to you Try looking at your legacy, instead. I would start with the cheapest and work my way up if needed, here is a price comparison: This from the grandmother of a soldier.

summers-barsky gold thesis

It kills me when ZH and their ilk state that “we are on pace to accumulate more new debt under the 8 years of the Obama administration than we did under all of the other presidents in U. The feds still can’t seem to access the Dread Pirate Robert’s the recently busted Silk Road kingpin private stash, and realistically the only way they ever will is if they can get him to cough up the info.

It was not a blinding flash of awareness that minimized investment expectations. But for that to be true, then it must have been the dishoarding of gold, a mere subset of money, that dragged the purchasing power of all money down during the “key Gibson Paradox period”, and not the other way around.


I’ve come across other instances in other currencies in which gold underperforms CPI enough so to make Jupiter himself doubt his Freegold cock.

Now I understand freegold will arrive one person entity at a time until eventually gold will only be available for barter between a very few people entities with a great deal of real physical wealth. It is about the positive correlation between the general price level and interest rates. I see it so clearly now, why the totally meaningless, staggering numbers are so necessary.

FOFOA: Gold as a FOREX Currency

I think the first edition came out in according to the Russian version of the wikipedia page for Gopd Remember my study of how the dollar outperformed gold when continually rolled over as a 10 year Treasury?

Third, and most important, will the interest rate increases be favorable or adverse for the returns on financial assets?

summers-barsky gold thesis

As the Flower of Understanding requires the radiant light of TRUTH in which to blossum, we find it struggling in the darkness of propaganda, and “versions of reality” hanging like apples from a tree. While we have our own ideas on this matter, the behavior of the gold price in future months will provide the necessary illumination. If your goal is to get respect from those here, this will not work.

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