Production and Operations Management. Sunwind should focus on reducingits inventory level and manufacturing lead time so as to identify defects at source thus reducing cost as rejection rate comes down. Only operation 6 has a significant set up time which has to be reduced for going to JIT by enacting machine controls or preparing for changeovers while a job currently in production is still being processed. Ans The distance plays a major role when it comes to Kalmar and Ghent plants as for us to make a JIT delivery of 4 times a day, the transportation including all logistics plays the deciding factor. A limited time offer! Group Assignment Case Analysis: Register Submit to us Case writing resources Case writing scholarships How to submit your case Online case submission Why submit your case to us?

The same process is done when the units reach the ordered company it will crosscheck the number of units in the box with the required in the card, once it matches it will then proceed to the operations. Sunwind’s team would undertake the responsibility of overseeing production schedules. As a result raw material inventory unnecessarily goes up. At the same time the technological aspects of Sunwind are at a ground level, they need to compete with the competitors and have to go for new machinery. Q 5 Draw the process flow diagram of Sunwind operations. Thus this data of the variety of products gives us the division of batches in an efficient way which reduces the extra non value added costs.

Sunwind ordered transportation and empty containers as required. Capacity planning and line balancing are to be used to meet the changed requirement of Volvo plant in Show few sample calculations. PJPK M17 a dan b.


This was broken into seven 4 week periods and one 32 week period. PJPK M15 a dan b. Want to get a price estimate for your Essay? The carpeting could be any of four different colour choices — beige, blue, black and burgundy.

Hence a JIT will shorten the Manufacturing lead time thereby reducing the inventory level and lumpy requirements on different workstations. The interface points are at various stages in the part procurement process. Using this what we can do is to form batches in a way so that each batch gives us 32 varieties of different materials instead of having the same variety in a batch.

To meet the increased demand for Volvo Sunwind needs to improve its cycle time as well as reduce its MLT by reducing batch size. Considering new Capacity planning and line balancing for Sunwind as in Q7, our cycle time is 1. Defective materials were rejected by eliminating the problem but no summary statements were available in Sunwind concerning the rejects.

Ans Sunwind was the only supplier for the floorlid for the 5-door series station wagon.

sunwind ab case study

Product details Share this page: Relativelyfew of the quality control procedures were followed in practice. Since different operations have different WIPs according to batches as shown below:. This requires the analysis of current operations and making recommendations for change consistent with the Just-in-Time approach.

What are the benefits to implement Studh for Sunwind?

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The next interface was at the loading stage of the shipping process. Go to advanced search.


sunwind ab case study

Sunwind’s inventory costs would decrease substantially. Both are major causes for concern, even more so given the competitor already supplying just-in-time to the Ghent plant. Access this item You must be logged in to access preview copies.

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The benefits for Volvo would be: How sunsind you interpret the capacity calculations? Setting a plant layout such that the distance between adjacent workstation is minimum. Only operation 6 has a significant set-up time which has to be reduced for going to JIT by enacting machine controls and preparing for changeovers while a job currently in production is still being processed. Rejection of shipments can be costly and they run the risk of not being able to meet the just in time production schedule.

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Flores de A a B. Excessive movement of products can at times cause damage sutdy deterioration of product quality. Write only short discussion and detailed calculation and diagram is not expected as in Q The carpeting could be either needle felt or tufted. Challenges facing Sunwind are: Implementing JIT will enable ease of transportation.

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