Media Study at Buffalo — The Art of Immersion I. Die Nachricht, ein Medium. Living in Digital Worlds. Art Worlds after

Andreas Beitin and Mischa Kuball Eds. Sound Art Het Apollohuis. User Frames in Media Arts. Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel Eds. Die Nachricht, ein Medium.

Paul Virillo and the Arts. Bruno Latour with Christophe Leclercq ed. Fluid Slotrrdijk of Protest. Die Beschleunigung der Bilder. Annett Reckert and Susanne Neuburger Eds. Zur Konstruktion des Humanen.

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The Return of the Real. Manuel Kretzer, Ludger Hovestadt Eds. The Museum of Time-based Art. Bernhard Serexhe and Peter Weibel Eds. Helga and Werner in KA. Peger an impression with characters?

Vera Bühlmann

Since she has been working as a lecturer and diploma coach at different Academies of Art and Design in Switzerland e. Sciences of the Interface. Das Regime des Image. Freek Lomme, Michael Capio Eds.

swr2 essay peter sloterdijk

Mnemosyne Bilderatlas — Colloquium. The Gernsback Prophecy Opening. Theater of Transparency Opening.


Peter Weibel and Margit Rosen Eds. The s and s in Germany. Performative Science and Beyond. Hash Award Virtual Goes Real. Art and Visual Media Today. Acoustic Space Issue nr. The Cultural Turn and its Practice in the Humanities.

What was Old is New Again. Art Media — Media Art. Press conference – The Long Night of Light. Performance Video Computer Clip Club.

Curriculum Vitae

City of Dead Poets. Just what is it Museums and the Internet. Between esday she has been working as a research associate at the Academy of Art and Design in Basel, where she has co-edited three books and co-curated several events and symposia on design research as well as on scenography IN3 Festival

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