Company Description- History, establishment, start-up plans. It als o allo ws file, less ons , use r and perf or ma nce ma nag em ent. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. The table below shows how these total sales were gained: If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

The internet is a great help in the promotion of the product. Auth with social network: The internet is very most convenient way to promote or advertise the product since it provides a wider range of market. In order for the business to be sustainable and to maintain its growth in the market, the firm had conceptually analyzed a market-penetrating strategy that endorse and convey a sense of quality and satisfaction on the product. Know your targeted investor group what they really want and dislike venture capital, angel investor, bank, leasing company. Executive Summary Description of the business concept and the business opportunity and strategy. How much and for what ownership share, and how investors will win.

Primarily, the business firm provides educational tools such as Learning Management System LMS for any subjects that the academic institutions need. After such, the product is then developed in accordance with customer requirements and satisfaction.

technopreneurship business plan sample

Bisiness survey includes the distribution of evaluation sheets to both instructor and students to assess the impact and effectiveness of the product. The developers just see to it that they keep in touch with the clients to insure that their feedbacks-either good or bad will be recognized and aided.

Novicio Mark Jhon C. Let realistic market and sales projection drive the assumptions underlying the financial spreadsheet. There are still other schools that were not listed above and can be treated as potential market. Management Teams- backgrounds of key members of the team, personnel strategy and details. By Mark Jhon Oxillo. The Competitive Advantage Aside from the features of the product, the assurance of quality products and customer satisfaction are always seen by iProTech Learning Solutions as their advantage in the fast-growing competition in the market and as the basis or standards of a well-developed product.


The computer industry has embraced standards to enable interoperability between devices from different vendors. This Learning Management System can also be subscribed with additional features such technoprenuership SMS and Email Notifications and a stand- alone version of the system technppreneurship be use using personal computers, smartphones and tablets without an internet connection but also with an additional payment.

Accept customers that will generate a positive cash flow, even it means you have to stop writing the plan. And over a period of time, an increase in the total number of schools in the province is recognized and these new schools are also targeted as potential customers of the product.


The following are the designation of accountability and responsibility: As technology innovates and evolves, the need to such is also increasing. Quantitative data were also gathered out from the ratings of the respondents. Key success factors are: This concept will be implemented on advertisements, fliers, brochures, magazines and other printed materials that allow advertisement of products.

The internet is also a big help in achieving a favorable and wider market and at the same pllan, there is also an ease with regards to advertising the product if done online.


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The firm will strive to market their product through certain meetings, appointments and conversations with the clients. In response to such demand, a business firm was then built named iProTech Leaning Solutions.

The internet is very most convenient way sampel promote or advertise the product since it provides a wider range of market.

The table below shows the pricing strategy of iProTech Learning Solutions: The task that has given to each member of the team depends on the field of specialization and the loads of work as explained on the Management Team of this plan.

This also provides course-related activities such as quizzes, exercises, drills, assignments and others; and communication tools such as forums, chats, blogs and SMS Notifications. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. October 1, Civil Status: To define agreements between partners. To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

technopreneurship business plan sample

Skip to main content. Technoprenejrship several alternative sources of financing. Auth with social network: Critical Risks, Problems, and Assumptions. As long as there is a high demand and a purchasing power in the market, the firm will supply to such demand.

Another way to promote the product is through print ads like flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and the like.

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