There are touches of humor in the way the four classmates talk about themselves and one another. Multi-narrator school story that had my son and I discussing the ethics. Views Read Edit View history. Then Brenton let’s his little seceret slip and tells Sam about the homework This book was a good one that I’d recomend for kids ages Doing homework becomes a thing of the past! On a positive note: It was the Grand Canyon hole.

It was because they thought that they would get caught by somebody. His most popular titles include the time-travel sports book Honus and Me and its sequels, and a clutch of baseball books, including The Green Monster from Left Field. Books by Dan Gutman. It didn’t take us long to know who was talking and who they each were. Find out what you can do.

I didn’t like this book because to me I felt like there wasn’t much of homewodk plot to the story and it doesn’t make any since at all.

the homework machine by dan gutman wikipedia

Baseball Card Adventures — Jan 13, Adam Nielson rated it it was amazing. Other characters are important to the book too.

the homework machine by dan gutman wikipedia

Sam doesn’t believe him, and after Kelsey and Judy hear them talking, the kids go to Brenton’s house to check out “Belch” aka The Homework Machine. One for ages In a modern day school house near the Grand Canyon National Park, will anyone be suspicious; well you better read this book to find out.


the homework machine by dan gutman wikipedia

So this was one of those cases where I wioipedia really enjoy it because I wasn’t the target audience, but the target audience did like it, and even clamored to read the sequel. Insert image from URL Tip: To view it, click here.

Dan Gutman

The range of voices gives an accurate representation mchine the pre-teen characters, and each sounds very different to the others. This book was 4 stars because it was not so exiting the whole time. Edit article wiki how to sort items on the homework machine homework machine? Join this workspace To join this workspace, request access. Pages Parent Handbook Documents.

Sep 13, Cam Vincent rated it it was ok. When they discover that the superchip that made The Homework Machine possible has fallen into the wrong hands.

From hopeful and very youthful presidential candidates to stunt men, nothing is off hommework in Gutman’s fertile imagination. Find out what you can do. As a result, the book jumped in sales.

The Homework Machine (The Homework Machine, #1) by Dan Gutman

Views Read Edit View history. Jan 26, Jac rated it it was amazing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jan 18, Blake rated it really liked it.

The Homework Machine by John McTighe on Prezi

So if you would like a modern day school themed book, with realistic scenes, and a thing called Belch, try The Homework Machine. Jul 07, Tracie rated it liked it Shelves: Kelsey is concerned that her friends will shun her for associating with “nerds,” but her improved grades earn privileges at home. After school starts in September, Brenton tells Sam he has a machine that can do homework.


It had his handwriting and all the anwsers were correct on his piece of paper.

At a school near the Grand Canyon, a genius-level student invents a machine that can do his homework, and shares this with the other three kids he sits w Multi-narrator school story that had my son and I discussing the ethics.

It’s a great story, with SO much for discussion. Such a cute read for teens.

The Homework Machine

Can they keep their secret? Sep 17, Magaly Sanchez rated it really liked it. I liked how two of the characters teh kind of smarty pants and the others kind of just went with the flow.

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