He recounts the harrowing escape the refugees had over land and sea, each step of the way, risking capture or death. Such faith in a benevolent God, he believes, that helped him to recuperate from his near fatal knee wound also stands him in good stead throughout his time in the detention centre and rewards him with a better life in Australia. His ability to constantly withstand one crisis after another renews his faith in God and reinforces his optimistic outlook on life. When Gorg Ali dies, Najaf must shoulder more responsibility, which provides another perspective. Living a successful life in a first world European country can be said to be vastly different from a life in a middle-eastern country like Afghanistan.

Examining this quote we can see the dedication to the Islam faith that Afghani men such as Najaf Mazari possess. This is a big step because rivalry between the five countries turns into tiny wars. Whether he got into Australia or not was not in his means. Najaf describes how many of the refugees in the detention centre live in constant fear of being deported to the country that caused them so much trauma. Life becomes much more complicated for Najaf due to his lack of self-reliance. This comes from being in Woomera for a long period of time. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours

Each individual has the ability to contribute to such compassionate nonviolence. His family believe that immigrating, even as an illegal, is his best chance of survival. It is surprising to read of an individual whose overriding response to conflict is one of compassion and whose faith in God never falters. From the very beginning, Najaf always displayed his hope.

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He is not given a list of any sorts to determine this.

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We see that many of his core moral beliefs and traits are as a result of this upbringing. Want to get a price estimate for your Essay?

Through the whole journey of his life, he never once lost his Faith in God. For Najaf, who grew up in essah war-torn country, freedom becomes a cherished and non-negotiable commodity.

the rugmaker essay

This would be very pleasing to the Australian prison authorities as it shows not only his willingness to work, esay the rugmakrr he takes to be useful in the society he is in and therefore will probably take outside of Woomera. In chapter 22 Journey Najaf and other asylum seekers were on a dangerous, rusty boat that was unsuitable to be out at sea. He simply refuses to give in to the enemy.

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This is a big step because rivalry between the five countries turns into tiny wars. Najaf remains humble no matter how big his success becomes. He shows the reader that he is not completely ignorant of the world and leaves the job with the unjust employer. While he discovers freedom, he rgmaker torn between what he has left behind and his hope of what is to come.

the rugmaker essay

He organized passive resistance to the unpopular and unjust British measures such as the Salt Tax rrugmaker and was repeatedly imprisoned. When Najaf reaches Australia, this conflict of emotion is a constant throughout his time in Woomera. How about receiving a customized one?

The Rugmaker of Mazar-E-Sharif Essay

His family members advised against an occupation that may have been unstable and insecure. One only needs to think about his state as a bedridden youngster who refused to succumb to his leg injury …. Although I can say that the thw would surely not be positive and recovery would be long and slow, as if exiting the worst sort of depression imaginable.


Being a Hazara, he is looked down upon by society in Afghanistan, in particular the Pashtuns. When captured, Najaf was tortured brutally and describes his feelings as not caring whether I live or die. Literature Review Dissertation chapter: Although he believes he is, due to his learning of the English language and culture, he is not the desired type of student asked for being young and attending university. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours When the very big problems are fixed smaller problems are revealed.

By this I mean that things such as IRD forms, taxes and electricity bills inhibit peace somewhat. It is the same scenario when asked if he is a student. One only needs to think about his state as a bedridden youngster who refused to succumb to his leg injury … Najif has the ability to transform adversity into a positive experience.

All content has been written by Dr Jennifer Minter. He thought of his older brother gorg Ali as a father figure, as his real father was killed in the war meaning Gorg Ali became responsible for the upbringing of his siblings.

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