This program, which is offered at the degree level, is for individuals with a B. By their nature, some disciplines such as Nursing , Medicine and Law require an intense theoretical background as well as practical training, and so a first university degree in those areas may take longer to complete up to 6 years. Log In Sign Up. Archived from the original on 26 January As a result, most students not intending on an academic career would forgo the doctorate, and as a result the licentiate became the common final degree.

The licentiate is particularly popular with students already involved in the working life, for the reason that completing a full doctor’s dissertation while working would be too difficult. In India, the Licentiate is a vocational qualification offered by the special vocational boards or professional bodies. The Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies in Toronto awards a Licentiate in Mediaeval Studies, but, unusually, only offers it as a postdoctoral degree. Prior to the Bologna process, the master’s degree was not considered an official academic degree in Spain, as the transition from undergraduate to postgraduate studies could only be done directly from a Licenciatura to doctoral studies. Until the s, the degree was offered as a law degree at the Saarland University as a single university degree Lic. However, it is mostly common to use Lic. These Licentiate diplomas were awarded by professional bodies, and were accepted by the General Medical Council for registration as a medical practitioner, but were not university degrees and were regarded as being at a slightly lower level than bachelors’ degrees in medicine.

In Peru, “Bachiller” is also awarded automatically for having completed all the courses required for obtaining the first academic degree.

Pedagogical training, in addition to its specificities, should contemplate an overview of the education and the formative processes of the students. The licentiate is particularly popular with rechtten already involved in the working life, for the reason that completing a full doctor’s dissertation while working would be too difficult.

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Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The latter essentially indicated the rank of seniority in the various faculties arts, theology, law, medicinewhereas the licentia was literally the licence to teach.


thesis kuleuven rechten

Candidates are expected to hhesis a masterful command of the instrument and communicate an understanding of stylistic characteristics and structural elements of each repertoire selection with interpretive insight and a mature musical personality.

Depending on the degree and study plan, some Spanish universities require a small thesis or research project to be submitted in the last year before the student can finally claim his or her degree. The durational requirements to obtain thssis Licenciatura vary depending on the profession studied, however, most universities require the completion of the curricula within four to five years.

For instance, as defined by the Brazilian National Council of Education Ministry of Educationa Licenciatura tgesis in Biological Sciences should include, in addition to specific topics of Biologycontents in the areas of ChemistryPhysics and Healthto attend elementary and secondary education.

Licentiate (degree)

It is the licentiate that licences faculty to teach in seminaries. There are two kinds of licence: In such cases, both written titles are equivalent.

thesis kuleuven rechten

Ads help cover our server costs. Archived from the original on 26 January According to the Bologna process in Europevirtually any Licenciado has the equivalent qualifications of a 3-year bachelor’s degree. The professional licence is a Certificate licence issued by a university and authenticated national Department of education after the licenciate diploma holder submits a final paper research that have been analyzed and graded by a board of professors or faculty jury member from the school.

Archived from the original on 9 March Some professions do not require the professional credential, but for others, like MedicineAccountingCivil engineeringor Social workit is mandatory by law.

Consejo Nacional de Rectores. This program, which is offered at the degree level, is for individuals with a B. In contrast, a doctoral thesis requires 4—6 articles and must demonstrate original research.

Archived from the original on 3 December It should fhesis emphasize the instrumentation for the teaching of Sciences at the fundamental level and for the teaching of biology at the intermediate level.

This compares with, for example in North American institutions, the four-year program for a B. The Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studiesbased in CanterburyKenthas as its highest qualification- following Certificate, Higher Certificate and Diploma levels- Licentiateship of the Institute, awarded following both a course of study including thesis and dissertation and professional practice.


In Boliviaa Licenciatura is a professional degree distinct from the Anglo-Saxon Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor in Science, as it requires that the student take more credits for the completion of a professional curricula than those needed in the Anglo-Saxon system.

It fhesis part of the cycle of baccalaureate, licentiate, doctorate in theological formation in the Roman Catholic Church. In Denmark, it has formally been replaced by the PhD degree.

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As a professional degree, when ranking employees, it is on 3rd level, together with PhD studies. And in public service, Grado holders will by default be in the A2 level the second highestwhile A1 the highest will be for Thesos holders with additional requirements such as a Master’s or a Doctorate, or a special Grado such as Medicine that is in many aspects equivalent to a Master.

This book offers a theory about the nature and essence of minority participation and representation, while describing kulehven problematic aspects, which need to be taken into account when devising minority participation and representation various institutions and mechanisms. In Finland, licensed medical practitioners physicians and surgeons are either Licentiates or Doctorates, where the Licentiate of Medicine is the minimum qualification.

In can be earned while studying for a civil master’s or doctoral degree. These are offered after completion of school education and are somewhat less extensive than a full-fledged university degree. The Licentiate of Engineering is an intermediate postgraduate degree used only in a few countries, among them Sweden and Finland, and can be seen as an academic step halfway between a Master’s and a PhD.

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