May concludes that it is for her sake that Tridib sacrificed his life, protecting her from the violent mob. Ads help cover our server costs. The question of national identity becomes the question of the personal identiy. Diasporic literature finds its base on writings by the authors or citizens who have immigrated to new lands. In the 2 nd Section, I define ‘Partition’. Thus, she is clueless of the country to which she is belonged. I would like to commence my paper by discussing about the first 1 st Section-Author.

The prominent Indian writers of Indian English literature are R. I would like to commence my paper by discussing about the first 1 st Section-Author. The narrator admits that Tridib has given him a novel way of discovering the world—not only by experiencing with senses but with the precise use of imagination as well. Thamma condemns narrator for spending time with Tridib. Comparatively speaking, whereas a western postsecularism can entail the rethinking of Christianity, an Indian postsecularism can entail the rethinking of a political formulation, of secularism as a state policy where the state assumes a principled distance from religion. The imaginary world is in total contrast with the actual world that she lives in.

The imaginary world is in total contrast with the actual world that she lives in.

Postcolonial elements in Amitav Ghosh’s “The Shadow Lines”

But even within this feature, do we witness an exclusive technique sadow different authors or do we find certain stock formula? The resulting confusion, however, succeeds in blurring the artificial boundaries shadow lines across times and spaces, confounding the neatly compartmentalized ideas of past and present as well as regions.

thesis on the shadow lines by amitav ghosh

Amitav Ghosh does not restrict himself from describing the perilous days undergone during the partition of Bengal. Once, she shows the picture of her friends, two blonde girls.


Clarke prize in The story moves forward with elaborating on the cross-cultural relationship between Tridib and May Price, the narrator, Nick and Ila. She narrates everything that happened in the mean time to the narrator.

This novel throws light on the suppression faced by the people in the hands of the oppressors. The heirs of the family are Jatin, an economist with UN, Robi, a civil servant and Tridib the only son who is not successful.

The Grandma wonders what there is to be at the border which distinguishes between the two places, and when she realizes that nothing distinctive is actually there, she wonders if sgadow this partition bloodshed and misery meant anything after all. Entwicklungspolitik Postcolonial Studies und Entwicklungs I also include the Works Cited.

The Shadow Lines By Amitav Ghosh – The Criterion: An International Journal in English

Written in the tradition of magical realism, The Circle of Reason went much to the same direction as most popular novels from the new frontiers of English literature did—Garcia Marquez and Salman Rushdie were his literary predecessors.

Amitav Ghosh Year of Publication: This paper gghosh try to examine whether authors like Salman Rushdie, Jhumpa Lahiri and Amitav Ghosh share a similarity when reconstructing India in their work.

He has a mental map of the geography of pre-World War London, which is at odds with that of the present.

The story develops with the progression of events that takes place in India, especially Calcutta. Indeed, the partition trope defines her existence: The narrative of The Shadow Lines is not a very easy one considering it is a form of mnemonic text. My focus in this article is on amitsv possible relations between postsecularism and postcolonialism.


Freedom is collective or national as far as she is concerned, while, for Ila, it is entirely individual. The story begins with the eight-year-old narrator talking of how his grandmother values time and how she hates people who waste time.

She visits Calcutta in her holidays. Amitav Ghosh explores the idea of nationhood and national identity, ideas that involve relationships between individuals, belonging to the same community or to different communities that sometime goes beyond the shadow lines of geographical borders.

The Shadow Lines by Amitav Gosh

It is a very important text in understanding the tensions regarding the ideas of nationalism at the individual and collective level. It is a theory that studies the condition of the state of mind of people who were colonized and colonizers. It also explains the relationship between the colonized and the colonizers. Later, the post-colonial affections on the people have been talked predominantly.

thesis on the shadow lines by amitav ghosh

Title of the Book: The novel is characterized by its portrayal of strong female characters, such as the Grandma and Ila. Rethinking Postsecularism through Postcolonialism. She proudly says that she accompanied them to the party and described what she wore and how she danced. This parallel growth in different points of history takes thhesis obsessive form when the narrator tries to have sex with the same girl, May Price, with whom Tridib was supposed to be in love.

thesis on the shadow lines by amitav ghosh

Until the latter half of the nineteenth century, novel is a new genre in Indian literature.

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